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In his three-and-a-half hour Archive interview, Bob Doyle (1921-1999) discusses how, in 1948, he became one of the network directors for the first national political convention ever televised. He describes being the first director for the landmark news shows, Huntley-Brinkley Report and Meet the Press. He then speaks about how he was appointed Chief, Television Division for National Geographic Society in the 1960s and how he helped guide the Society into television by executive producing and selling 28 documentaries to the networks. Michael Rosen conducted  the interview in Chevy Chase, MD on October 29, 1998. 

"...down below was a television set, which reflected up into the mirror, and then reflected out into the audience. It just fascinated me. From then on, I knew I wanted to be in television." 

Full Interview

Chapter 1

On his early years and influences; starting in radio and transitioning to early television in Washington, D.C.

Chapter 2

On his early television work; coaching President Harry Truman; and directing the first Meet the Press.

Chapter 3

On directing the 1948 political convention, covering early football games for television.

Chapter 4

On his work on 1952 political convention, ABC remote news, and pairing Chet Huntley and David Brinkley.

Chapter 5

On his work on The Huntley-Brinkley Report, National Geographic Society, and working with Orson Welles.

Chapter 6

On his work on the documentaries American's on Everest with David Wolper, Miss Goodall, and Alaska.

Chapter 7

On celebrity journalism, the importance of a news anchor, and his personal highlights.

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