Richard M. Nixon

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Tom Brokaw

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Tom Brokaw on receiving an offer to be Richard M. Nixon's press secretary
Tom Brokaw on his relationship with Richard M. Nixon when he was White House correspondent for NBC News

Leo Chaloukian

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Leo Chaloukian on demonstrating the Nagra Recorder that Ryder Sound gave to President Nixon

Connie Chung

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Connie Chung on covering Governor McGovern during the 1972 presidential campaign race against Nixon

James Day

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James Day on Richard Nixon vetoing funds for public broadcasting in 1973

Mike Douglas

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Mike Doulgas on how Roger Ailes helped Richard Nixon with his television image he appeared on The Mike Douglas Show

Bob Doyle

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Bob Doyle on directing the pool coverage of the 1960 conventions, and on working with Richard M. Nixon

Betty Cole Dukert

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Betty Cole Dukert on various Presidents and Meet the Press: Richard M. Nixon

Imero Fiorentino

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Lighting Director Imero Fiorentino on lighting the 1960 Presidential debates starting with the second one, following the first debate wherein Richard Nixon looked badly, making the best improvements he could; also the issues he had lighting JFK due to RFK's interference

June Foray

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June Foray on appearing on Richard Nixon's Enemies List

Reuven Frank

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Reuven Frank on election night coverage in 1960, John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon
Reuven Frank on the 1960 elections, John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon
Reuven Frank on Richard Nixon's hostility toward the press

Murray Fromson

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Murray Fromson on covering the 1962 California gubernatorial race for CBS News between Richard M. Nixon and Pat Brown

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on his close relationships with several American presidents - Richard M. Nixon
Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo with Richard Nixon
Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo with Richard M. Nixon
Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo of Richard Nixon; on his working relationship with Nixon and on the Nixon-Kennedy debates

Julian Goodman

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Julian Goodman on producing the second of The Great Debates
Julian Goodman on observing the first Kennedy-Nixon debate in Chicago and prepping to produce the second debate; on the second debate
Julian Goodman on changes Nixon made in the second of The Great Debates
Julian Goodman on Nixon refusing makeup for the first of The Great Debates
Julian Goodman on the '64 Republican convention

Hal Gurnee

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Hal Gurnee on Jack Paar having John and Bobby Kennedy, and Richard Nixon on as guests on Tonight Starring Jack Paar at various times

Don Hewitt

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Don Hewitt on the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy Debates

Larry King

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Larry King on interviewing U.S. Presidents

Ted Koppel

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Ted Koppel on reporting on Nixon's trip to China in 1972 and witnessing staged moments for the American press
Ted Koppel on Richard M. Nixon and his inability to handle small talk

Perry Lafferty

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Perry Lafferty on on having John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon on Person to Person

Brian Lamb

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Brian Lamb on working for Richard Nixon's campaign in 1968
Brian Lamb on working in the Nixon administration during the Watergate scandal

Art Linkletter

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Art Linkletter on Richard M. Nixon

Robert MacNeil

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Robert MacNeil on covering Vietnam and Richard Nixon
Robert MacNeil on covering Watergate

Dick Martin

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Dick Martin on Richard Nixon's cameo on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In

Sig Mickelson

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Sig Mickelson on the Kennedy-Nixon debates
Sig Mickelson on the presidency of John F. Kennedy and how he handled television as opposed to Richard M. Nixon

Don Mischer

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Don Mischer on Nixon cancelling The Great American Dream Machine

Bill Monroe

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Bill Monroe on covering the presidency of Richard M. Nixon

Thomas W. Moore

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Thomas W. Moore on the Kennedy/Nixon debates of 1960
Thomas W. Moore on the Kennedy-Nixon Debates

Bill Moyers

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Bill Moyers covering Watergate and the Nixon administration's reaction - to cripple public broadcasting

Don Pike

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Don Pike on going to China to act as technical director for NBC News' coverage of President Richard Nixon's historic visit
Don Pike on going to China to act as technical director for NBC News' coverage of President Richard Nixon's historic visit

Hector Ramirez

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Hector Ramirez on the most important image he's ever captured

Dan Rather

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Dan Rather on Nixon's relationship with the media

Hank Rieger

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Hank Rieger on traveling with Bob Hope when he performed for President Nixon

Bob Schieffer

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Bob Schieffer on covering Presidents Ford and Nixon as the White House correspondent for CBS News

Max Schindler

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Max Schindler on directing coverage of the wedding of Trisha Nixon and Ed Cox
Max Schindler on directing coverage of Watergate and Richard Nixon's relationship with television 

George Schlatter

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George Schlatter on Richard M. Nixon's appearance on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In

Alfred Schneider

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Alfred Schneider on an episode of Howard K. Smith: News and Comment ("The Political Obituary of Richard M. Nixon"), which led head of ABC news, Jim Hagerty to formulate a policy to protect news departments from the interference of sponsors
Alfred Schneider on the role of the government in regulating television content and President Nixon's attempt to encourage anti-drug messages in television programs

Daniel Schorr

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Daniel Schorr on covering Richard M. Nixon, and on being on Nixon's "enemies list"
Daniel Schorr on being investigated by the FBI at the behest of the Nixon administration

Howard K. Smith

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News Correspondent Howard K. Smith on moderating the first of the Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debates
Howard K. Smith on interviewing President Nixon in 1971
Howard K. Smith on his thoughts on Richard Nixon

William Tankersley

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William Tankersley on how CBS Program Practices handled storylines involving drugs on TV shows in the 1960s

Mike Wallace

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Mike Wallace on covering Richard Nixon's presidential campaign in 1967-68

Barbara Walters

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Barbara Walters on interviewing ex-President Richard Nixon
Barbara Walters on covering Tricia Nixon's wedding

David L. Wolper

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David L. Wolper on making convention films in 1972 for Richard M. Nixon

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