Bette Davis

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James Arness

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James Arness on Bette Davis guest starring on Gunsmoke

Bob Banner

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Bob Banner on how fans approached TV star Dinah Shore versus movie star Bette Davis

Judith Crist

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Judith Crist on being on a panel with Bette Davis

Richard Donner

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Richard Donner on directing the series Wagon Train

Irving Fein

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Irving Fein on promoting Bette Davis at Warner Brothers

Earl Hamner, Jr.

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Earl Hamner on meeting Bette Davis at NBC for an early Today show episode

Dwight Hemion

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Gary Smith and Dwight Hemion on performers they enjoyed working with over the years, including Bette Davis
Gary Smith and Dwight Hemion on performers they enjoyed working with over the years, including Bette Davis

Ron Howard

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Ron Howard on his struggle to gain the acceptance of Bette Davis, while directing her in the TV movie Skyward

Larry King

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Larry King on Bette Davis

Angela Lansbury

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Angela Lansbury on her admiration for actress Bette Davis
Angela Lansbury on working with actress Bette Davis

Barney McNulty

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Barney McNulty on working with actors reading cue cards, including an initially reluctant Bette Davis

Nolan Miller

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Nolan Miller on costuming the unsold pilot The Bette Davis Show
Nolan Miller on working on the pilot for Hotel with Bette Davis
Nolan Miller on a gown for Bette Davis and an autographed picture of Bette Davis wearing a Miller-designed gown
Nolan Miller on a photo of Bette Davis on the set of the pilot The Decorator

Alan Perris

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Alan Perris on Post-Newsweek Productions financing the made-for-television movie Right of Way  for HBO

Pam Polifroni

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Pam Polifroni on casting Bette Davis in a guest-starring role on Gunsmoke

Ralph Senensky

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Ralph Senensky on Bette Davis not getting approved by the F.B.I. to appear on The F.B.I.

Aaron Spelling

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Aaron Spelling on developing Hotel

Jean Stapleton

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Jean Stapleton on Bette Davis (who she was with when "Archie" and "Edith's" chairs were being donated from the set of All in the Family to the Smithsonian Institution)

Noel Taylor

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Costume designer Noel Taylor on working with Bette Davis

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