Elizabeth Taylor

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Army Archerd

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Army Archerd on covering the Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Eddie Fisher love triangle

Lucie Arnaz

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Lucie Arnaz on Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton guest-starring on Here's Lucy

Paris Barclay

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Paris Barclay on doing the Hasty Pudding Show at Harvard University and meeting honoree Elizabeth Taylor
Paris Barclay on co-directing a PSA for "AIDS: It's nobody's fault and everybody's problem" with Elizabeth Taylor

Wade Bingham

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Wade Bingham on the 60 Minutes profile of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Dann Cahn

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Dann Cahn on meeting Elizabeth Taylor

Kevin Carlisle

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Kevin Carlisle on working with Elizabeth Taylor

Tom Cherones

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Tom Cherones on directing the Academy Awards and a request from Elizabeth Taylor

Henry Colman

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Henry Colman on escorting Elizabeth Taylor to a party while he was a producer on Hotel  (continued)

Douglas S. Cramer

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Douglas S. Cramer on developing Dynasty and casting Joan Collins as "Alexis Carrington Colby"

Judith Crist

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Judith Crist on reviewing "Cleopatra" and not enjoying Elizabeth Taylor's performance

Bob Finkel

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Bob Finkel on the Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor drama

Genie Francis

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Anthony Geary and Genie Francis on the wedding of "Luke and Laura" on General Hospital

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo with Elizabeth Taylor

Larry King

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Larry King on Elizabeth Taylor

Angela Lansbury

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Angela Lansbury on doing "National Velvet" with Elizabeth Taylor

Ed McMahon

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Ed McMahon on Elizabeth Taylor appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Nolan Miller

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Nolan Miller on Elizabeth Taylor guest-starring on Hotel
Nolan Miller on a sketch of a gown for Elizabeth Taylor
Nolan Miller on a photo of him with Elizabeth Taylor

Marty Pasetta

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Marty Pasetta on directing Elizabeth Taylor

Marian Rees

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Marian Rees on executive producing Between Friends  with Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett (Part 1)
Marian Rees on working with Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett on Between Friends

Mickey Rooney

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Mickey Rooney on working with Elizabeth Taylor

Joseph Sargent

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Joseph Sargent on working with Elizabeth Taylor on There Must Be a Pony

Sid Smith

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Sid Smith on producing and directing Elizabeth Taylor in "Hamlet" in London in 1963
Sid Smith on a photo from Elizabeth Taylor in London special

Ret Turner

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Ret Turner on doing wardrobe for Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Westmore

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Michael Westmore on working with Elizabeth Taylor on the television movie Malice in Wonderland

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