Peter Falk

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Steven Bochco

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Steven Bochco on working with the eccentric star Peter Falk on Columbo

Tom Bosley

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Tom Bosley on appearing in A Step Out of Line with Peter Falk

Robert Butler

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Robert Butler on directing Peter Falk on Columbo  

Tyne Daly

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Tyne Daly on working with Peter Falk when she appeared on Columbo

Richard Donner

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Richard Donner on directing the pilot of The Trials of O'Brien with Peter Falk

Hector Elizondo

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Hector Elizondo on appearing on Columbo  starring Peter Falk

Harlan Ellison

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Harlan Ellison on playing pool with Omar Sharif, Peter Falk, and Leo Durocher

Walter E. Grauman

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Director Walter Grauman on how star Peter Falk invented the key clue for solving the crime on the Colombo show "Murder in Malibu"

Dean Hargrove

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Dean Hargrove on working with Peter Falk as "Columbo" on Columbo

Jack Klugman

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Jack Klugman on "The Blacklist" episode of The Defenders

Buz Kohan

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Buz Kohan on accompanying Peter Falk on musical auditions

Angela Lansbury

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Angela Lansbury on actor Peter Falk

William Link

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William Link on casting Peter Falk as "Columbo" on Columbo and what he brought to the role
William Link on his working relationship with Peter Falk on Columbo
William Link on creating the character of "Columbo," played by Peter Falk, on Columbo

Barry Livingston

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Barry Livingston on Peter Falk watching his audition for Sons and Daughters

Suzanne Pleshette

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Suzanne Pleshette on Peter Falk not showing up for Columbo due to a contract dispute

Stanley Ralph Ross

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Stanley Ralph Ross on writing Columbo, and on working with Peter Falk as "Columbo"

Cybill Shepherd

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Cybill Shepherd on Peter Falk being wonderful in Columbo

Abby Singer

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Abby Singer on being production manager for Columbo

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