Richard S. Salant

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Mili Lerner Bonsignori

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Mili Lerner Bonsignori on her thoughts on people with whom she's worked - Richard S. Salant

Ed Bradley

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Ed Bradley on becoming the head correspondent for CBS Reports, his first brush with 60 Minutes, and his relationship with Dick Salant

Connie Chung

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Connie Chung on head of CBS News Richard Salant

Walter Cronkite

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Walter Cronkite on coming up with his signature signoff "and that's the way it is"; Dick Salant, President of CBS didn't like it
Walter Cronkite on the pressures on the press by the White House over the Watergate story, and how Dick Salant negotiated the compromise
Walter Cronkite on the question of whether he found it difficult to report the news during the Watergate scandal; how Richard (Dick) Salant negotiated a compromise between the network and the White House
Walter Cronkite on the expansion of the news from 15 to 30 minutes (in 1963) as influenced by Dick Salant, and how that changed the nature of the genre

Sig Mickelson

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Sig Mickelson on Edward P. Morgan, Irving Gitlin, and Richard S. Salant

Roger Mudd

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Roger Mudd on "The Selling of the Pentagon" documentary for CBS Reports

Andy Rooney

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Andy Rooney on working with Richard S. Salant at CBS

Morley Safer

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Morley Safer on Fred Friendly resigning from CBS News and Dick Salant as Friendly's successor
Morley Safer on differences between Fred Friendly and Dick Salant's styles as head of CBS News
Morley Safer on Morley Safer's Vietnam

Daniel Schorr

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Daniel Schorr on Richard S. Salant

Fred Silverman

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Fred Silverman on Richard Salant

Sanford Socolow

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Sanford Socolow on Richard S. Salant's opinions on Eric Sevareid and Harry Reasoner's contributions to CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite
Sanford Socolow on Richard S. Salant's decision to replace Douglas Edwards with Walter Cronkite on the CBS Evening News
Sanford Socolow on Walter Cronkite's report on Watergate resulting in the White House launching an assault on William Paley and Frank Stanton, and Dick Salant's response to the report
Sanford Socolow on Dick Salant's response to the Pike Report being published in the Village Voice

Frank Stanton

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Frank Stanton on CBS News President Richard S. Salant

Perry Wolff

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Perry Wolff on working with Richard S. Salant 

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