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James L. Brooks

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James L. Brooks on Barry Diller's optimism 

Andy Cohen

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Andy Cohen on Barry Diller offering him the opportunity to be Vice President of Original Programming at the cable channel, TRIO

Elinor Donahue

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Elinor Donahue on appearing on The New Adventures of Beans Baxter

Michael Eisner

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Michael Eisner on meeting who he thought was Leonard Goldberg when getting hired at ABC; it turns out it was really Barry Diller! (he was Goldberg's assistant at the time)
Michael Eisner on working with Barry Diller first at ABC then at Paramount

Ruth Engelhardt

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Ruth Engelhardt on various people she's worked with in her career: Barry Diller

Richard Frank

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Richard Frank on working with Barry Diller
Richard Frank on making the transition from Paramount to Disney

Leonard Goldberg

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Leonard Goldberg on hiring Barry Diller and re-vamping the ABC Sunday Night Movie
Leonard Goldberg on Barry Diller's eulogy at Lew Wasserman's memorial
Leonard Goldberg on the creation on the made-for-TV movie
Leonard Goldberg on Barry Diller not wanting Family on ABC, but doing it when Mike Nichols was attached
Leonard Goldberg on becoming head of television and film programming (President and COO) at 20th Century Fox and working with Barry Diller
Leonard Goldberg on leaving 20th Century Fox

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on hiring young executives that would become instrumental to the television industry
Leonard H. Goldenson on heading up ABC's movies of the week

Herb Jellinek

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Herb Jellinek on becoming head of production at ABC Circle Films and on working with Barry Diller

Kay Koplovitz

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Kay Koplovitz on the takeover of USA and ownership of basic cable networks and Edgar Bronfman and Barry Diller's involvement

John Langley

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John Langley on the process of selling the idea of Cops to FOX development executive Stephen Chao and CEO Barry Diller
John Langley on the rawness of the Cops pilot that he delivered, and Barry Diller's reaction to it

William Link

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William Link on writing and producing That Certain Summer supported by then-ABC executive Barry Diller

Thomas W. Moore

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Thomas W. Moore on the people who worked for him at ABC when he was head of programming, including Michael Eisner and Barry Diller

Jonathan Murray

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Jonathan Murray on Barry Diller liking his documentary series American Families

Ed O'Neill

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Ed O'Neill on Barry Diller's thoughts on casting choices for Married... with Children
Ed O'Neill on Barry Diller vetoing a promotional idea for "Dutch"

Maury Povich

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Maury Povich on leaving A Current Affair and getting Barry Diller's wrath

Sumner Redstone

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Sumner Redstone on how he purchased Viacaom, by fighting Barry Diller and Paramount
Sumner Redstone on Barry Diller, the "Diller Sizzle," and the Paramount battle

Lee Rich

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Lee Rich on keeping Lorimar afloat by doing movies of the week for Barry Diller at ABC

Sherwood Schwartz

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Sherwood Schwartz on the genesis of The Brady Bunch

Richard Shapiro

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Richard and Esther Shapiro on working with Barry Diller at FOX

Esther Shapiro

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Richard and Esther Shapiro on working with Barry Diller at FOX

Fred Silverman

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Fred Silverman on Barry Diller

Sam Simon

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Sam Simon on making The Simpsons a series

Aaron Spelling

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Aaron Spelling on partnering with Leonard Goldberg for Spelling-Goldberg Productions
Aaron Spelling on hiring the cast of Charlie's Angels
Aaron Spelling on producing Beverly, Hills 90210  upon Barry Diller's request to do a high school show

Marlo Thomas

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Marlo Thomas on Barry Diller acting as her agent

John Walsh

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John Walsh on America's Most Wanted  expanded format from 30 to 60 minutes

Henry Winkler

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Henry Winkler on auditioning for Barry Diller and Michael Eisner at ABC

David L. Wolper

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David L. Wolper on Barry Diller

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