Raymond Burr

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Earl Bellamy

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Earl Bellamy on directing Perry Mason, starring Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale

Robert Butler

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Robert Butler on directing episodes of Ironside

John Conte

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John Conte on guest-starring on Perry Mason, starring Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale

George Faber

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George Faber on promoting Perry Mason, and working with Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale
George Faber on his first international publicity job, on Perry Mason starring Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale
George Faber on why Raymond Burr of Perry Mason was his favorite person to interview

Dean Hargrove

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Dean Hargrove on getting Raymond Burr to reprise his role of "Perry Mason" for the series of Perry Mason television movies
Dean Hargrove on the end of the Perry Mason movies, and on the death of Raymond Burr

Jeffrey Hayden

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Jeffrey Hayden on Raymond Burr's great story sense on Ironside, but the difficulties in accommodating his contractual agreement that he would not do location work and would require TelePrompters for his scenes

Arthur Hiller

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Arthur Hiller on directing Perry Mason and working with Raymond Burr

James Hong

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James Hong on Raymond Burr's technique of reading cue cards

Gavin MacLeod

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Gavin MacLeod on guest-starring on Perry Mason with Raymond Burr

Nancy Malone

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Nancy Malone on her role on Ironside  with Raymond Burr

Leslie H. Martinson

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Leslie H. Martinson on directing Ironside

Anne Nelson

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Anne Nelson on doing the deal for Perry Mason, starring Raymond Burr

Hugh O'Brian

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Hugh O'Brian on playing two characters on an episode of Perry Mason

Bernie Oseransky

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Bernie Oseransky on his role as studio manager on Perry Mason  and working with Raymond Burr

Daniel Petrie, Sr.

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Daniel Petrie, Sr. on directing Ironside, starring Raymond Burr

Meta Rosenberg

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Meta Rosenberg on developing the series Ironside starring Raymond Burr

Ralph Senensky

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Ralph Senensky on directing Raymond Burr in Ironside

Ethel Winant

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Ethel Winant on casting Perry Mason: Raymond Burr
Ethel Winant on Raymond Burr

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