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Edie Adams

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Edie Adams on her first television appearances; on appearing on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts
Edie Adams on her thoughts on people with whom she's worked over the years - Arthur Godfrey

Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on Arthur Godfrey being one of the earliest radio personalities to venture into television and Allen subbing for him

Charlie Andrews

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Charlie Andrews on working with Arthur Godfrey on Arthur Godfrey Time and Arthur Godfrey and His Friends
Charlie Andrews on Arthur Godfrey's popularity
Charlie Andrews on Arthur Godfrey's lung cancer diagnosis in 1959 and working on various shows
Charlie Andrews on the legacies of Dave Garroway and Arthur Godfrey

Ted Bergmann

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Ted Bergmann on working with Arthur Godfrey on his radio show

Pat Boone

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Pat Boone on his impressions of Arthur Godfrey
Pat Boone on Arthur Godfrey's influence on him as a host
Pat Boone on his opinion of Arthur Godfrey

Diahann Carroll

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Diahann Carroll on appearing on Arthur Godfrey's shows 

Dick Clark

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Dick Clark on emulating Arthur Godfrey

Roy Clark

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Roy Clark on appearing on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts

Henry Colman

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Henry Colman on producing Pillsbury commercials for Arthur Godfrey and His Friends

Michael Dann

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Michael Dann on simulcasting early radio broadcasts for television and Arthur Godfrey's early success on CBS Television

Rod Erickson

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Rod Erickson on meeting Arthur Godfrey at WMAL and his later relationship with him

Buz Kohan

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Buz Kohan on writing material for Arthur Godfrey

Perry Lafferty

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Perry Lafferty on working with Arthur Godfrey

Peter Lassally

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Peter Lassally on going to work for Arthur Godfrey and scouting talent

John Moffitt

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John Moffitt on Arthur Godfrey doing radio and TV shows from CBS
John Moffitt on trying to meet Arthur Godfrey

Andy Rooney

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Andy Rooney on writing for Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts, and on CBS' entry into television, and attempts at color television
Andy Rooney on his experience of working for Arthur Godfrey on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts
Andy Rooney on Arthur Godfrey's firing of Julius La Rosa on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts

Hazel Shermet

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Hazel Shermet on working with various people in her career

Frank Stanton

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Frank Stanton on Arthur Godfrey

Robert Trout

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Robert Trout on working with Arthur Godfrey 

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