Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver

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Edie Adams

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Edie Adams on her thoughts on people with whom she's worked - Pat Weaver

Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on Pat Weaver deciding to bring The Steve Allen Show to network and re-titling it Tonight
Steve Allen on Pat Weaver's contributions to Tonight
Steve Allen on Pat Weaver encouraging NBC employees to have an informative/educational segment in their programs

Charlie Andrews

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Charlie Andrews on working for Today creator Sylvester L. Weaver (Pat Weaver)

Joseph Behar

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Joe Behar on directing Pat Weaver's Wide Wide World

Al Borden

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Al Borden on Pat Weaver

Allan Burns

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Allan Burns on becoming a reader for Pat Weaver's new NBC comedy shows and getting his first job as a writer

Sid Caesar

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Performer Sid Caesar on being mentored by NBC exec Pat Weaver in the early days of television

Joan Ganz Cooney

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Joan Ganz Cooney on wanting to work for Pat Weaver at NBC
Joan Ganz Cooney on why David Sarnoff fired Pat Weaver

Hume Cronyn

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Hume Cronyn on NBC executive Pat Weaver

Michael Dann

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Michael Dann on Pat Weaver's reorganization of NBC and the beginning of participating sponsorship
Michael Dann on working with Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver
Michael Dann on working with Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver
Michael Dann on Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver's Saturday night philosophy of television
Michael Dann on the high point of his career - working with Pat Weaver

Milton Delugg

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Milton Delugg on NBC exec Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver's idea to have morning, noon, and night shows on NBC, and on becoming bandleader on the night show Broadway Open House (precursor to The Tonight Show)

Hugh Downs

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Hugh Downs on NBC's Pat Weaver and his television innovations

Rod Erickson

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Rod Erickson on he deal he made with Pat Weaver for the radio show "We, The People"

Norman Felton

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Director Norman Felton on meeting Pat Weaver

Bob Finkel

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Bob Finkel on Pat Weaver

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on thoughts on colleagues - Pat Weaver

Julian Goodman

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Julian Goodman on Pat Weaver as President of NBC
Julian Goodman on working on the first episode of Today

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on how Pat Weaver started The Today Show, The Tonight Show and The Home Show

Hal Gurnee

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Hal Gurnee on NBC executive Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver's role in getting Tonight Starring Jack Paar on the air

Monty Hall

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Monty Hall on writing a telegram to Pat Weaver to try to get a job in New York

Florence Henderson

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Florence Henderson on working with NBC's Pat Weaver 

Perry Lafferty

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Perry Lafferty on Sylvester L. Weaver

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis on Pat Weaver's suggestion for The Colgate Comedy Hour

Art Linkletter

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Art Linkletter on Sylvester L. Weaver

John Moffitt

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John Moffitt on Dartmouth grad Pat Weaver and getting denied from the NBC Management Training Program

E. Roger Muir

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E. Roger Muir on Sylvester L. Weaver

Frances Reid

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Frances Reid on Sylvester L. Weaver and on working with various television producers

Lee Rich

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Lee Rich on Pat Weaver

Heino Ripp

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Heino Ripp on Sylvester L. Weaver's relationship to Your Show of Shows

Fred Rogers

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Fred Rogers on Sylvester L. ""Pat"" Weaver and on the advent of color television

Thomas W. Sarnoff

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Thomas W. Sarnoff on NBC executive Pat Weaver

Edgar J. Scherick

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Edgar Scherick on Pat Weaver's name for another show influencing the name ABC's Wide World of Sports

Jack Shea

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Jack Shea on meeting Pat Weaver

Garry Simpson

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Garry Simpson on working with NBC's Pat Weaver
Garry Simpson on directing Wide Wide World

Dick Smith

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Dick Smith on 

Sid Smith

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Sid Smith on NBC's Sylvester "Pat" Weaver creating Wide Wide World
Sid Smith on NBC's Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver (creator of Wide Wide World)

Grant Tinker

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Grant Tinker on paying tribute to Mort Werner
Grant Tinker on Pat Weaver

Mel Tolkin

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Mel Tolkin on Sylvester L. Weaver

Bud Yorkin

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Bud Yorkin on his big break becoming director of The Colgate Comedy Hour at the behest of Pat Weaver

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