Michael Eisner

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George Bodenheimer

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George Bodenheimer on Disney acquiring ABC and the effect on ESPN

James L. Brooks

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James L. Brooks on trying to get Terms of Endearment made

Marcy Carsey

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Marcy Carsey on Michael Eisner hiring her at ABC even though she was pregnant

Roy E. Disney

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Roy Disney resigning from the Disney board in 1984 and the change in leadership at the Walt Disney Company
Roy Disney on the death of Frank Wells
Roy Disney on the Disney company after Frank Wells' death
Roy Disney on the attempt to oust Disney's Michael Eisner and the acquisition of Pixar

Richard Frank

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Richard Frank on the failed Paramount Television Service
Richard Frank on working with Michael Eisner on the Paramount Television Group and learning how to work with writers
Richard Frank on making the transition from Paramount to Disney
Richard Frank on resigning from Disney due to discord

Chuck Fries

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Chuck Fries on various people he's worked with in his career: Michael Eisner

Leonard Goldberg

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Leonard Goldberg on hiring Michael Eisner at ABC
Leonard Goldberg on Michael Eisner's responsibilities at ABC

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on hiring young executives that would become instrumental to the television industry
Leonard H. Goldenson on his management style at ABC and managing Michael Eisner
Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo with Michael Eisner

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on discussing foreign investment with Michael Eisner

Monty Hall

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Monty Hall on Michael Eisner ordering the tear down of the Let's Make a Deal set

Herb Jellinek

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Herb Jellinek on various people with whom he's worked in his career: Michael Eisner

Sid Krofft

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Sid and Marty Krofft on Michael Eisner being a mentor and offering them opportunities

Marty Krofft

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Sid and Marty Krofft on Michael Eisner being a mentor and offering them opportunities

Norman Lear

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Norman Lear on Hot L Baltimore and how much Michael Eisner liked it, he never missed a taping

Garry Marshall

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Garry Marshall on ABC executive Michael Eisner's contribution to the creation of Happy Days
Garry Marshall on Michael Eisner's suggestion that there be a gang on Happy Days
Garry Marshall on Michael Eisner's role in the development of Mork & Mindy

Thomas W. Moore

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Thomas W. Moore on the people who worked for him at ABC when he was head of programming, including Michael Eisner and Barry Diller

Agnes Nixon

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Agnes Nixon on working with ABC's Michael Eisner

John Rich

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John Rich on Michael Eisner

Lee Rich

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Lee Rich on Michael Eisner

Fred Silverman

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Fred Silverman on working with Michael Eisner at ABC when Silverman first took the job as President of ABC Entertainment in 1975
Fred Silverman on losing Michael Eisner from ABC and on the difficulty replacing him

Dean Valentine

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Dean Valentine on working for Disney head Michael Eisner during his time at Touchstone Television, and on the culture at Disney
Dean Valentine on the Disney/ABC merger, and on the main players including Michael Eisner and Tom Murphy

Tom Werner

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Tom Werner on lessons learned from Michael Eisner about development

Henry Winkler

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Henry Winkler on auditioning for Barry Diller and Michael Eisner at ABC

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