Richard Pryor

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Rona Barrett

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Rona Barrett on dealing with the drug problem in Hollywood

Pat Boone

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Pat Boone on giving Richard Pryor his first television break on The Pat Boone Show 

Roy Christopher

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Roy Christopher on tailoring the set to fit Richard Pryor's personality and comedic style for The Richard Pryor Show, and on designing around specific people in general

William Clotworthy

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William Clotworthy on doing Standards and Practices for Saturday Night Live

Budd Friedman with Emerson College

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Budd Friedman on how comedy has evolved over the years, exemplified by Richard Pryor versus Eddie Murphy

Paul Rodriguez with Emerson College

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Paul Rodriguez on working with and being mentored by Richard Pryor

Jamie Masada with Emerson College

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Jamie Masada on Richard Pryor being the first comedian to perform at the Laugh Factory
Jamie Masada on comedians like Sam Kinison and Richard Pryor doing edgy material at his club
Jamie Masada on holding memorials for Richard Pryor and Rodney Dangerfield at the Laugh Factory

Richard Crenna

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Richard Crenna on appearing on The Lily Tomlin Comedy Hour with Richard Pryor

Mike Douglas

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Mike Doulgas on an incident between Milton Berle and Richard Pryor on The Mike Douglas Show

Dick Ebersol

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Dick Ebersol on Richard Pryor signing on and backing out of Saturday Night Live
Dick Ebersol on Richard Pryor hosting Saturday Night Live

Carl Gottlieb

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Carl Gottlieb on working with Richard Pryor on the 1974 Flip Wilson Special

Arthur Hiller

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Arthur Hiller on directing "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder

Louis J. Horvitz

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Louis J. Horvitz on working on A Party for Richard Pryor with George Schlatter

Don Mischer

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Don Mischer on Barbara Walters interviewing Richard Pryor

John Moffitt

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John Moffitt on directing The Richard Pryor Show
John Moffitt on photos from The Richard Pryor Show

Michael Moye

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Michael Moye on loving the comedy of Richard Pryor

Bob Newhart

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Bob Newhart on a photo of him with Richard Pryor and his friendship with the comedian

George Shapiro

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George Shapiro on Richard Pryor turning pain into comedy

John Singleton

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John Singleton on meeting one of his idols: Richard Pryor

Jeremy Stevens

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Jeremy Stevens on writing for The Richard Pryor Show

Saul Turteltaub

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Saul Turteltaub on his friendship with Richard Pryor and Pryor's appearance at a live show called "Calm L.A.," which was meant to calm tensions following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Keenen Ivory Wayans

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Keenen Ivory Wayans on seeing Richard Pryor for the first time and deciding to become a comedian
Keenen Ivory Wayans on the highlight of his career: delivering a speech at a party for Richard Pryor; on Richard Pryor's legacy

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