How To Request Footage/Transcripts From The Interviews

The Interviews: An Oral History of Television owns or represents approximately 4,000 hours of rare, videotaped oral histories. The Interviews also contains audio interviews, transcripts, and other special collections. Our footage is generally available for licensing and has been digitized for easy access and delivery.

NOTE: For all Emmys, Hall of Fame, and Academy-related clip licensing requests, please contact Janet Kim (

Please review below for frequently asked questions about searching for and acquiring footage from the collection. For additional information please contact The Interviews (

  • Licensing fees apply, but vary depending on the usage rights and territory you require. Please review common questions below, and contact us for more information.
  • Quoting from The Interviews is allowed, but we ask you check with us for exact phrasing and attribution.

  • Transcripts are available on request.
  • Initial research is free, but more detailed requests involving staff time and database searches may require a research fee.
  • We do not release screeners of entire interviews.
  • Masters are created for a minimum fee of $500 - $1000 (per clip request), and can be delivered as a digital file via FTP or download. Please contact us for specific information.
  • The Interviews owns copyright in all material found on this site, except where noted. For licensing to third parties additional approvals may be needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I find out what is in The Interviews collection?
You can learn more about the collection by viewing clips online for free! Most of our completed interviews are available on this site. Simply go to the Interviews page for a complete list of online interviews.

Q: Is there a fee for research?
There is no fee for answers to simple, specific questions about content (ie: Do you have footage of Jane Wyatt discussing her role on Star Trek?). For more detailed requests, or to pull interview transcript selects, you must contact us. Research fees may apply.

Q: How can I request a screener?
In general, we do not make screeners of footage. We recommend you view the footage you want to use on our site, and using the video player note the "Chapter" and Timecode of the clip desired. Once you have made an initial request and want to obtain a copy of specific footage, you will be asked to fill out a "Master Delivery Authorization" form (see below).

Q: How can I obtain a master clip?
First, make an initial request. You will be asked to give a brief description of your production and the context in which the clips would be used. Once you have made an initial request and want to obtain a copy of specific footage, you will be asked to fill out a "Master Delivery Authorization" form which explains that this footage may be used for research only and not for any other purpose until a Clip License Agreement is executed and sent back to us. Then, we will send you a digital file of the section of the interview requested within three - five business days. There will be a dub fee for digital delivery ($500 and up depending on format and number of clips). which can be sent via harddrive, Dropbox, or the client's FTP.  The client pays for shipping and insurance, if any.  Depending on your production's needs and the mode of delivery required, there may be an additional lab/ materials/handling/duplication or rush fee. You will be billed a license fee for the total amount provided, whether the footage was used or not.

Q: What are your clip licensing fees?
A "License Fee" is a release fee granting a limited usage license of the clip(s) you order to be used in a specified production for a specific market during the stated license period. Custom quotes are available if you desire to use the same footage in more than one production, or more than once in the same production, use the production containing our footage in more than one market, or if you would like to license clip(s) in perpetuity. Please contact us for more information and a quote, as rates depend on the length of the clip(s), the licensed use, the licensing term and the territory. Volume discounts may be available, as are discounts for non-profit organizations. In the case of a breaking news story (48hr news cycle), we will generally waive the license fee but still require proper attribution as the source.

Q: Do you own the copyright to all your interview footage?
Generally, yes. The Television Academy Foundation owns or controls copyright on the majority of the collection, but there are some special cases where the copyright or permission to rebroadcast must be obtained from the interviewee or their estate.Q: Can I quote from The Interviews?We do allow quoting from our collection, but ask that you check with us first so that we may give you the exact phrasing from the transcripts. We also ask that you use a specific attribution when quoting from The Interviews. Please contact for more information.

Q: Can I get a transcript of the interviews?
Yes. Email us for details!

Q: Can I get clips from the Emmy telecast?
The Primetime Emmy Awards are produced by the Television Academy. The Interviews is a separate, non-profit program of the Television Academy Foundation. For all Emmy and Academy-related clip licensing requests, please contact Janet Kim (

Q: What mode of payment do you accept?
Prepayment is required for screening tapes, and all services for new clients. We do accept Paypal. All shipping is to be paid for by the client.

Q: What information do you need to send me a quote?
If you are interested in a quote for your particular project, please answer the following questions in an email to us:
1. Please send a description of the clips you are seeking (include the "Part #" and timecode in/out, from the interview, eg: can hover over the video to see the "Part" title, and the timecode is visible at the bottom of the screen)
2. Please also include a short description of the byte (does not have to be verbatim, but enough to identify the in/out) so that we can give you proper handles of video.Include the approximate length of the interview you are planning to use (eg- up to 1 minute of total footage)
3. Please send the production company full name/ phone/mailing address, and the name of the party who will be signing the agreement, and their title.
4. Please send the production/program title (if known) and anticipated air date.
5. Please send the term (eg in perpetuity), territories (eg worldwide), and the media type (e.g. All Media, Broadcast only/Festival only) sought, and also if the rights you seek include VOD/download rights.
6. Please send a short description of the project, for context of how you plan to use our licensed clip in your project.
7. Please let us know any deadlines for materials. We typically require 3-5 business days to pull clips after all paperwork has been signed and approved. Our entire collection has been digitized, so you will receive a link to download your clips for digital delivery.
8. Please note there is a fee to license our clips, and a fee for clip processing/delivery.

Clip Licensing Contact for the Interviews:
Arrian Maize
Production Coordinator
The Interviews: An Oral History of Television
Television Academy Foundation
5220 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601