Danny Arnold

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Berle Adams

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Berle Adams on secretly replacing scripts written by The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show staff writers with better ones written by Danny Arnold and Roland Kibbee

Thomas Azzari

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Thomas Azzari on doing set design for Fish and Barney Miller

Dann Cahn

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Dann Cahn on forming Charlie Chaplin, Jr. productions for a script written by Danny Arnold of That Girl and Barney Miller fame

Barbara Corday

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Barbara Corday on working on a pilot with Danny Arnold and Barbara Avedon for Barbara Eden

Sam Denoff

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Sam Denoff on being influenced by the Colgate Comedy Hour with Martin and Lewis
Sam Denoff on directors on That Girl

George Spiro Dibie

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George Spiro Dibie on Danny Arnold's lighting preferences for Barney Miller
George Spiro Dibie on Danny Arnold

Chuck Fries

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Chuck Fries on Danny Arnold

Eddie Foy III

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Eddie Foy III on casting Danny Arnold in Wackiest Ship in the Army
Eddie Foy III on going to work for Danny Arnold at 4D Productions and casting That Girl
Eddie Foy III on casting That Girl with Marlo Thomas and Danny Thomas

Bernie Kopell

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Bernie Kopell on That Girl producer Danny Arnold

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis on staff members of The Colgate Comedy Hour

Hal Linden

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Hal Linden on the choice not to shoot Barney Miller in front of a live audience

Lori Openden

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Lori Openden on learning about casting from Danny Arnold on Barney Miller
Lori Openden on Danny Arnold's input on casting Barney Miller

Lee Rich

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Lee Rich on Danny Arnold

John Rich

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John Rich on wanting a casting change for the wife in Barney Miller

Stanley Ralph Ross

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Stanley Ralph Ross on Danny Arnold

William Schallert

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William Schallert on working with Danny Arnold in The Circle Theatre

Alfred Schneider

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Alfred Schneider on Producer Danny Arnold throwing him off the set of Barney Miller

Fred Silverman

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Fred Silverman on the talent of producer Danny Arnold, creator of Barney Miller and Fish

Marlo Thomas

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Marlo Thomas on working with producer/her father Danny Arnold

Dean Valentine

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Dean Valentine on founding the Archive of American Television in honor of his friend, Danny Arnold

Bud Yorkin

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Bud Yorkin on the writers for The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show: Norman Lear, Danny Arnold, and Roland Kibbee

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