Patty Duke

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William Asher

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William Asher on the origins of The Patty Duke Show
William Asher on co-creating The Patty Duke Show

Larry Auerbach

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Larry Auerbach on packaging The Patty Duke Show

Bob Banner

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Bob Banner on producing My Sweet Charlie on Broadway and later for television starring Patty Duke

Margaret Cho

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Margaret Cho on working with Patty Duke on Drop Dead Diva

Hal Cooper

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Hal Cooper on working with Patty Duke on Search For Tomorrow

Bob Costello

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Bob Costello on producing The Patty Duke Show for a year

Richard Crenna

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Richard Crenna on appearing in Nightmare with Patty Duke
Richard Crenna on working with Patty Duke on It Takes Two

Barbara Feldon

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Barbara Feldon on the TV movie Before and After with Patty Duke

Sonny Fox

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Sonny Fox on how Patty Duke told him about being given answers for quiz shows in advance

Melissa Gilbert

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Melissa Gilbert on working with Patty Duke on The Miracle Worker
Melissa Gilbert on Patty Duke's support when Gilbert served on the SAG board and as President

Eddie Kean

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Eddie Kean on his children loving The Patty Duke Show and arranging for his children to meet Patty Duke

Asaad Kelada

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Asaad Kelada on working with Patty Duke and Lewis Smith on Karen's Song

H. Wesley Kenney

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H. Wesley Kenney on directing ABC Afternoon Playbreak: Miss Kline We Love You, for which he won an Emmy

Frank Liberman

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Frank Liberman on representing Patty Duke

Howard Morris

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Howard Morris on directing The Patty Duke Show, and on directing Bewitched, starring Elizabeth Montgomery

Diana Muldaur

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Diana Muldaur on her co-stars in The Miracle Worker

Arthur Penn

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Arthur Penn on various people with whom he worked in his career: Patty Duke

Suzanne Pleshette

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Suzanne Pleshette on working with Patty Duke in "The Miracle Worker" on Broadway

Sally Jessy Raphael

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Sally Jessy Raphael on Patty Duke's appearance on Sally aka The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, where she discussed her bipolar diagnosis

Hank Rieger

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Hank Rieger on Patty Duke at the 1970 Emmy Awards

William Schallert

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William Schallert on working with Patty Duke on The Patty Duke Show
William Schallert on why The Patty Duke Show shot in New York; on Patty Duke's work in "The Miracle Worker" and how he got along with her on The Patty Duke Show
William Schallert on reuniting with Patty Duke on The Torkelsons
William Schallert on why "Martin Lane" on The Patty Duke Show resonated with audiences
William Schallert on Patty Duke running for SAG office

Sidney Sheldon

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Sidney Sheldon on meeting Patty Duke and getting the idea for The Patty Duke Show
Sidney Sheldon on Patty Duke's difficult childhood and how her managers mistreated her

Hazel Shermet

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Hazel Shermet on working with various people in her career

Dick Smith

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Dick Smith on Patty Duke in Power and the Glory

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