Jack Barry

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Ted Bergmann

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Ted Bergmann on the fixed game show Twenty-One

Sonny Fox

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Sonny Fox on host of 21, Jack Barry, found to be at fault in the Quiz Show Scandals

Albert Freedman

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Albert Freedman on working with Jack Barry while doing panel shows like Juvenile Jury
Albert Freedman on the working relationship between Dan Enright and Jack Barry
Albert Freedman on how he came to work for Jack Barry and Dan Enright's Twenty One
Albert Freedman on his, Jack Barry's, and Dan Enright's reactions at the beginning of the Quiz Show Scandals when it was revealed that Dotto  was fixed
Albert Freedman on his meetings with Dan Enright and Jack Barry during the Quiz Show Scandals
Albert Freedman on Jack Barry and Dan Enright's reactions to Freedman's indictment

Monty Hall

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Monty Hall on briefly hosting Twenty-One and on the subsequent Quiz Show Scandals that emerged

Richard Lewis

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Richard Lewis on producing shows with Jack Barry and Dan Enright
Richard Lewis on Jack Barry, Dan Enright, and Lila Kaye

Art Linkletter

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Art Linkletter on Jack Barry and Ralph Edwards

Wink Martindale

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Wink Martindale on producers Jack Barry and Dan Enright and the Quiz Show Scandals

Fred Silverman

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Fred Silverman on bringing Jack Barry game show host and producer "out of the wilderness" in developing the game shows The Joker's Wild and Gambit at CBS.  He also describes an incident in which Barry was attempting to fix equipment on the set.

Herbert F. Solow

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Herbert F. Solow on his recollections of the quiz show scandals

Herbert Stempel

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Herbert Stempel on Dan Enright prepping him to "act" and cheat on Twenty-One, and on dealing with host Jack Barry
Herbert Stempel on the other members of the Twenty-One  team, including host Jack Barry

William Tankersley

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William Tankersley on how the Quiz Show scandals (which started with NBC shows) affected CBS Standards & Practices

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