Chevy Chase

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Steve Binder

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Steve Binder on producing the short-lived The Chevy Chase Show

Bernie Brillstein

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Bernie Brillstein on the original cast of Saturday Night Live

Jane Curtin

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Jane Curtin on working with Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live

Robert Dickinson

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Robert Dickinson on Chevy Chase's late night talk show

Dick Ebersol

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Dick Ebersol on Chevy Chase joining the cast of Saturday Night Live, and his writing on the first season of the show
Dick Ebersol on Chevy Chase joining the cast of Saturday Night Live, after being hired as a writer
Dick Ebersol on "I'm Gerald Ford and you're not"
Dick Ebersol on Chevy Chase leaving Saturday Night Live
Dick Ebersol on getting Chevy Chase to do the cold opening of the revamped Saturday Night Live

John Moffitt

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John Moffitt on producing the Primetime Emmy Awards in 1989 and his subsequent involvement in other Emmy telecasts

Garrett Morris

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Garrett Morris on one of his most beloved Saturday Night Live characters - the news announcer for the hard of hearing, created by Chevy Chase

Laraine Newman

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Laraine Newman on the early weeks of Saturday Night Live

Herbert S. Schlosser

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Herbert S. Schlosser on Chevy Chase leaving Saturday Night Live after his first year

Paul Shaffer

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Paul Shaffer on Chevy Chase's penchant for pratfalls on Saturday Night Live and the injury he sustained once (doing a Gerald Ford sketch)
Paul Shaffer on Chevy Chase and hosting 2002's Comedy Central Presents: The N.Y. Friars Club Roast of Chevy Chase

Alan Zweibel

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Alan Zweibel on Chevy Chase being the first breakout star of Saturday Night Live
Alan Zweibel on the impact on Saturday Night Live when Chevy Chase left after the first season, and on John Belushi becoming a breakout star

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