Diane English

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Janet Ashikaga

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Editor Janet Ashikaga on working with Diane English on Ink

Peter Bonerz

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Peter Bonerz on working with Murphy Brown show creator Diane English

Tucker Cawley

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Tucker Cawley on working for Diane English as a writer's assistant on Murphy Brown

Roy Christopher

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Roy Christopher on doing production design for My Sister Sam, and working with Diane English on that show
Roy Christopher on doing production design for Murphy Brown, produced by Diane English and starring Candice Bergen, and on designing "Murphy's" apartment

Connie Chung

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Connie Chung on appearing on Murphy Brown

Judy Crown

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Judy Crown on styling hair for Murphy Brown starring Candice Bergen for show creator Diane English

George Spiro Dibie

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George Spiro Dibie on working on Murphy Brown with Diane English

Hector Elizondo

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Hector Elizondo on co-starring on Foley Square  created by Diane English

Linda Ellerbee

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Linda Ellerbee on Diane English basing Murphy Brown on Linda Ellerbee, and on appearing on the show

Gerald Perry Finnerman

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Gerald Perry Finnerman on shooting Double Rush for producer Diane English

Michael Patrick King

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Michael Patrick King on meeting with Diane English for Murphy Brown  and on turing in the very best version of his work
Michael Patrick King on the premise and final year of Murphy Brown
Michael Patrick King on rules for writing for and style of comedy on Murphy Brown

Bernie Orenstein

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Bernie Orenstein on producing Foley Square, which was created by Diane English

Saul Turteltaub

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Saul Turteltaub on co-executive producing Foley Square, which was written and produced by Diane English

Tucker Wiard

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Tucker Wiard on working with Diane English on My Sister Sam and Murphy Brown
Tucker Wiard on the editing and approval process and working with Barnet Kellman and Diane English on Murphy Brown
Tucker Wiard on Diane English's departure from Murphy Brown
Tucker Wiard on working on Diane English's last TV series Living in Captivity
Tucker Wiard on the highlight of his career - working with Diane English

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