John F. Kennedy

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Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on John F. Kennedy's favorite joke

Cliff Barrows

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Cliff Barrows on Billy Graham's response to JFK's Assassination

Tom Bosley

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Tom Bosley on appearing in The Right Man starring Art Carney, and on meeting John F. Kennedy

David Brinkley

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David Brinkley on covering President John F. Kennedy
David Brinkley on covering John F. Kennedy's assassination

Tom Brokaw

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Tom Brokaw on how KMTV in Omaha covered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Glen Charles

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Glen Charles on JFK's assassination

Connie Chung

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Connie Chung on stories she was assigned at the beginning of her career at CBS News

Walter Cronkite

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Walter Cronkite on announcing the assasination of President Kennedy; the emotional impact of that day
Walter Cronkite on upsetting John and Bobby Kennedy during an interview when he brought up the Catholic issue during the Presidential campaingn

Sam Denoff

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Sam Denoff on how JFK's assassination affected the cast and crew of The Dick Van Dyke Show

Sam Donaldson

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Sam Donaldson on President Kennedy's appeal

Hugh Downs

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Hugh Downs on the importance of appearances on The Tonight Show to JFK's election win

Bob Doyle

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Bob Doyle on the Kennedy-Nixon Debates, and on knowing John F. Kennedy

Betty Cole Dukert

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Betty Cole Dukert on Meet the Press in Los Angeles for the 1960 Democratic Primary
Betty Cole Dukert on John F. Kennedy's appearances on Meet the Press
Betty Cole Dukert on the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Imero Fiorentino

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Lighting Director Imero Fiorentino on lighting the 1960 Presidential debates starting with the second one, following the first debate wherein Richard Nixon looked badly, making the best improvements he could; also the issues he had lighting JFK due to RFK's interference

Reuven Frank

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Reuven Frank on the 1960 Democratic primary with John F. Kennedy
Reuven Frank on election night coverage in 1960, John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon
Reuven Frank on the 1960 elections, John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon

John Frankenheimer

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John Frankenheimer on meeting Robert F. Kennedy

William Froug

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William Froug on doing a film with Rod Serling after JFK died introducing Lyndon Johnson to the world

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on his close relationships with several American presidents - John F. Kennedy; on his dealings with Joseph Kennedy
Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo with JFK and Jackie Kennedy in 1960
Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo with John F. Kennedy and others at a Boston Children's Hospital event

Julian Goodman

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Julian Goodman on JFK appearing on the public affairs show Window on Washington
Julian Goodman on producing the second of The Great Debates
Julian Goodman on observing the first Kennedy-Nixon debate in Chicago and prepping to produce the second debate; on the second debate
Julian Goodman on NBC's coverage of JFK's assassination
Julian Goodman on NBC's coverage of Lee Harvey Oswald's death - TV's first live murder
Julian Goodman on NBC news coverage of the Vietnam War

Curt Gowdy

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Curt Gowdy on JFK's assassination

Hal Gurnee

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Hal Gurnee on Jack Paar having John and Bobby Kennedy, and Richard Nixon on as guests on Tonight Starring Jack Paar at various times

Paul Henning

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Paul Henning on high rated episodes of The Beverly Hillbillie s occurring shortly after JFK's assassination 

Don Hewitt

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Don Hewitt on the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy Debates

Lucy Jarvis

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Lucy Jarvis on producing a landmark series about the United States and the Soviet Union in the early '60s for The Nation's Future featuring John Glenn and Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov
Lucy Jarvis on producing the documentary The Kremlin for NBC News
Lucy Jarvis on filming The Kremlin during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962

Charles Floyd Johnson

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Charles Floyd Johnson on meeting John F. Kennedy

Robert Justman

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Robert Justman on Peter Lawford introducing him to brother-in-law John F. Kennedy

William Klages

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William Klages on working on JFK's inauguration, which Frank Sinatra produced

Perry Lafferty

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Perry Lafferty on on having John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon on Person to Person

Jim Lehrer

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Jim Lehrer on covering the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Stewart MacGregory

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Stewart MacGregory on going to work for The Kraft Music Hall with Perry Como and traveling to Dallas to film the day after John F. Kennedy was shot

Robert MacNeil

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Robert MacNeil on covering the Kennedy White House and Barry Goldwater's 1964 campaign 
Robert MacNeil on covering the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas for NBC News
Robert MacNeil on covering the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas for NBC News
Robert MacNeil on how Kennedy and Johnson dealt with the press

Bob Mackie

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Bob Mackie on sketching the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore to sing "Happy Birthday" to JFK
Bob Mackie on Judy Garland's response to JFK's death

Sig Mickelson

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Sig Mickelson on the Kennedy-Nixon debates
Sig Mickelson on the presidency of John F. Kennedy and how he handled television as opposed to Richard M. Nixon

Mitch Miller

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Mitch Miller on his political activism and John F. Kennedy's assassination

Newton N. Minow

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Newton Minow on Presidential-candidate John F. Kennedy's early meeting with Adlai Stevenson

Don Mischer

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Don Mischer on JFK's assassination and starting in television

John Moffitt

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John Moffitt on working on The Ed Sullivan Show during the time of the assassination and funeral of John F. Kennedy

Bill Monroe

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Bill Monroe on NBC News' coverage of the Civil Rights Movement, and on covering Martin Luther King, Jr. and his relationship with John F. Kennedy, and on covering the assassinations of the era
Bill Monroe on covering John F. Kennedy for NBC News, and on how Kennedy handled television
Bill Monroe on NBC News' coverage of the John F. Kennedy assassination and funeral

Thomas W. Moore

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Thomas W. Moore on the Kennedy/Nixon debates of 1960
Thomas W. Moore on the Kennedy-Nixon Debates

Bill Moyers

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Bill Moyers on working for Lyndon Johnson when Johnson made a run for the Presidency in 1960 (running against Kennedy for the Democratic nomination)
Bill Moyers on meeting JFK and JFK offering Johnson the Vice Presidential ticket; on Kennedy wanting him to work for them in Washington
Bill Moyers on JFK's assassination
Bill Moyers on who he believes killed JFK and his thoughts on the conspiracy theories

Roger Mudd

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Roger Mudd on covering JFK's assassination for CBS News

Alan Neuman

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Alan Neuman on directing the Kate Smith Hour, and on John F. Kennedy appearing on the show
Alan Neuman on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and on his relationship with the Kennedy family

Don Pardo

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Don Pardo on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and having to read the announcement of his death

Bill Persky

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Bill Persky on shooting The Dick Van Dyke Show on the week of the John F. Kennedy assassination

Jacques Pépin

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Jacques Pépin on working at Howard Johnson's and Le Pavillon, and on cooking for John F. Kennedy

Dan Rather

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Dan Rather on the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated

Cokie Roberts

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Cokie Roberts on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Cliff Robertson

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Cliff Robertson on being selected by John F. Kennedy to play JFK in the film "PT 109"
Cliff Robertson on meeting John F. Kennedy

Edgar J. Scherick

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Edgar Scherick on being the only ABC executive in the office when President John F. Kennedy was shot; on the special ABC programming done at the time
Edgar Scherick on producing the TV miniseries The Kennedys of Massachusetts

Bob Schieffer

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Bob Schieffer on covering the assassination of John F. Kennedy for the "Fort Worth Star-Telegram," and on interviewing Marguerite Claverie Oswald, the mother of Lee Harvey Oswald

Max Schindler

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Max Schindler on meeting John F. Kennedy in West Virginia during the 1960 Democratic Primary
Max Schindler on covering the Cuban Missile Crisis for WRC and NBC
Max Schindler on directing the coverage of the Kennedy assassination for NBC News
Max Schindler on directing the coverage of the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination for NBC News
Max Schindler on political figures who were adept at using television and the sound byte

Daniel Schorr

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Daniel Schorr on covering the construction of the Berlin Wall for CBS News, and John F. Kennedy's visit to Germany

Gary Smith

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Gary Smith on Judy Garland's personal struggles during the run of The Judy Garland Show, and on Garland's friendship with then-President John F. Kennedy
Gary Smith on dealing with the assassination of John F. Kennedy while producing The Judy Garland Show

Howard K. Smith

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News Correspondent Howard K. Smith on moderating the first of the Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debates
Howard K. Smith on JFK's assassination
Howard K. Smith on his thoughts on John F. Kenendy

Sanford Socolow

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Sanford Socolow on memorable interviews Cronkite conducted on CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite  - with JFK
Sanford Socolow on Walter Cronkite's announcement that President Kennedy was dead

Robert Trout

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Robert Trout on covering the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Tony Verna

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Tony Verna on broadcasting the 1963 Army/Navy game in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination

Perry Wolff

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Perry Wolff on producing A Tour of the White House  for CBS News featuring Jacqueline Kennedy, First Lady to President John F. Kennedy

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