James T. Aubrey

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Berle Adams

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Berle Adams on a contentious negotiation with CBS President James T. Aubrey

Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on his thoughts on colleagues through the years - Jim Aubrey

Richard Bare

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Richard L. Bare on making the movie Wicked, Wicked at MGM with Jim Aubrey

Charles Cappleman

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Charles Cappleman on James T. Aburey and Robert D. Wood
Charles Cappleman on James T. Aubrey

Michael Dann

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Michael Dann on his opinion of Jim Aubrey
Michael Dann on CBS' Frank Stanton and William Paley and the firing of Jim Aubrey
Michael Dann on Jim Aubrey not liking The Defenders

Sam Denoff

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Sam Denoff on Jim Aubrey not understanding the need for "Rob Petrie" to be a comedy writer

Louis Dorfsman

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Louis Dorfsman on dealing with the higher ups at CBS including Frank Stanton, William S. Paley, and James T. Aubrey and creating a book about football on CBS

Irving Fein

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Irving Fein on The Jack Benny Program going off the air after switching to NBC

John Frankenheimer

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John Frankenheimer on the end of the Golden Age of Television

Chuck Fries

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Chuck Fries on various people he's worked with in his career: James T. Aubrey

William Froug

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William Froug on CBS President Jim Aubrey and his dislike of The Twilight Zone
William Froug on being offered the job of Vice President of Programming at CBS, Jim Aubrey getting fired, and Mike Dann coming in

James Garner

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James Garner on various people with whom he's worked in his career - James T. Aubrey

Greg Garrison

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Greg Garrison on working with Hubbell Robinson and Jim Aubrey, and on making a deal to direct The Judy Garland Show and The Keefe Brasselle Show

Frank Gifford

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Frank Gifford on impressions of Bill MacPhail and James T. Aubrey at CBS

Paul Henning

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Paul Henning on CBS' Jim Aubrey immediately picking up The Beverly Hillbillies
Paul Henning on Jim Aubrey offering him a chance for a third series, which became Green Acres
Paul Henning on his thoughts on people with whom he's worked - Jim Aubrey

Herb Jellinek

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Herb Jellinek on various people with whom he's worked in his career: James T. Aubrey

Buz Kohan

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Buz Kohan on Keefe Brasselle being good friends with Jim Aubrey; on not having close workings with Jim Aubrey

Perry Lafferty

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Perry Lafferty on James T. Aubrey and William S. Paley

Richard Lewis

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Richard Lewis on Burt Reynolds, John Willams, and James T. Aubrey

Anne Nelson

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Anne Nelson on working in business affairs at CBS in the late 1950, and on working with executive James T. Aubrey

Carl Reiner

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Carl Reiner on CBS President James T. Aubrey

John Rich

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John Rich on Jim Aubrey

Lee Rich

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Lee Rich of CBS President Jim Aubrey's doubts that Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. would ever make it to air
Lee Rich on working with Jim Aubrey, President of CBS
Lee Rich on working with Jim Aubrey to keep Benton & Bowles programming at CBS
Lee Rich on James Aubrey

Edgar J. Scherick

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Edgar Scherick on how started producing sports programming for ABC -- James Aubrey reached out to him
Edgar Scherick on the development of Bewitched

Sherwood Schwartz

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Sherwood Schwartz on trying to sell the Gilligan's Island concept to CBS
Sherwood Schwartz on the difficulty of selling the concept of Gilligan's Island to CBS executives
On network programming strategies at CBS
Sherwood Schwartz on Jim Aubrey

Frank Stanton

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Frank Stanton on CBS President James T. Aubrey
Frank Stanton on the firing of CBS President James T. Aubrey

William Tankersley

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William Tankersley on support from CBS President Jim Aubrey
William Tankersley on peers whom he respected

Grant Tinker

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Grant Tinker on CBS' James T. Aubrey canceling The Dick Van Dyke Show after its first season, and Sheldon Leonard's reaction

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