Mickey Rooney

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Edie Adams

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Edie Adams on her thoughts on people with whom she's worked - Mickey Sullivan

Paul Bogart

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Paul Bogart on directing Pinocchio in 1957, starring Mickey Rooney

Richard Crenna

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Richard Crenna on working with Mickey Rooney on the radio show "The Hardy Family"

Jamie Farr

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Jamie Farr on Mickey Rooney's chemistry not being correct on The Red Skelton Show

John Frankenheimer

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John Frankenheimer on directing the Emmy-winnig episode of Playhouse 90 "The Comedian"
John Frankenheimer on Mickey Rooney in "The Comedian" episode of Playhouse 90

William Froug

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William Froug on "Eddie" for Alcoa-Goodyear Theatre and Mickey Rooney not winning and Emmy for his performance

Greg Garrison

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Greg Garrison on working with Mickey Rooney and Lucille Ball on the Danny Kaye Special

Hal Gurnee

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Hal Gurnee on Mickey Rooney being drunk when he was a guest on Tonight Starring Jack Paar

Arthur Hiller

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Arthur Hiller on working with Mickey Rooney on The Dick Powell Show

Kim Hunter

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Kim Hunter on appearing on the Playhouse 90 production of "The Comedian" directed by John Frankenheimer and starring Mickey Rooney

Buz Kohan

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Buz Kohan on memorable guest stars on The Carol Burnett Show - Mickey Rooney

Norman Lear

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Norman Lear on casting Carroll O'Connor as "Archie Bunker" on All in the Family, and on Mickey Rooney being considered for the role

Garry Marshall

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Garry Marshall on the network wanting Mickey Rooney to star in The Odd Couple

Leslie H. Martinson

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Leslie H. Martinson on directing The Mickey Rooney Show
Leslie H. Martinson on working with Mickey Rooney on The Mickey Rooney Show

Bernie Orenstein

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Bernie Orenstein on One of the Boys, starring Mickey Rooney, Nathan Lane, and Dana Carvey

Daniel Petrie, Sr.

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Daniel Petrie, Sr. on directing My Name Is Bill W., starring Mickey Rooney

Arthur Rankin, Jr.

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Arthur Rankin Jr. on producing Santa Claus is Coming to Town with Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney

Gene Reynolds

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Gene Reynolds on appearing in films with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland 

Ralph Senensky

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Ralph Senensky on an episode of Arrest and Trial shutting down because of JFK's assassination

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