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Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on his thoughts on colleagues through the years - David Sarnoff

Ted Bergmann

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Ted Bergmann on DuMont's work with color television
Ted Bergmann on DuMont and RCA's color television systems
Ted Bergmann on the evolution of video tape

Haskell Boggs

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Haskell Boggs on his impressions of early television and the advent of color television, pioneered by David Sarnoff, and Thomas W. Sarnoff's work on Bonanza

William Clotworthy

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William Clotworthy on NBC President David Sarnoff

John Conte

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John Conte on appearing on Matinee Theater, and being sent to Atlanta by David Sarnoff to promote NBC
John Conte on David Sarnoff and on working with producer Albert McCleery on Matinee Theater

Joan Ganz Cooney

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Joan Ganz Cooney on meeting David Sarnoff and starting at RCA
Joan Ganz Cooney on David Sarnoff (founder of NBC) and William S. Paley (founder of CBS)
Joan Ganz Cooney on why David Sarnoff fired Pat Weaver

Michael Dann

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Michael Dann on David Sarnoff giving him a television set and an allowance to hold television parties
Michael Dann on Pat Weaver's reorganization of NBC and David Sarnoff's vision
Michael Dann on David Sarnoff firing Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver
Michael Dann on David Sarnoff's desire to sell color television sets and the importance of shooting variety shows in color

Ray Dolby

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Ray Dolby on David Sarnoff's announcements about RCA's achievements in video tape recording

Hugh Downs

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Hugh Downs on meeting David Sarnoff
Hugh Downs on David Sarnoff's view of competition and Sarnoff's interest in broadcasting

Bob Doyle

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Bob Doyle on getting a television set from David Sarnoff

Rod Erickson

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Rod Erickson on working with David Sarnoff at NBC and William S. Paley at CBS

Nanette Fabray

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Nanette Fabray on the first time she saw television, and on being NBC's "color girl" for General David Sarnoff

Elma Farnsworth

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Elma Farnsworth on RCA's David Sarnoff's attempts to buy Philo T. Farnsworth's patent for television
Elma Farnsworth on her husband Philo T. Farnsworth's battle with RCA for electronic television's patents
Elma Farnsworth on RCA licensing Philo T. Farnsworth's patents in 1939 - the first time RCA ever licensed a patent 

Irving Fein

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Irving Fein on David Sarnoff's relationship with Jack Benny

Norman Felton

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Norman Felton on working with David Sarnoff

Les Flory

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Les Flory on the relationship between Vladimir Zworykin and David Sarnoff at RCA
Les Flory on David Sarnoff's involvement with the RCA lab after World War II

Ray Forrest

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Ray Forrest on the effort and money that David Sarnoff put into NBC experimental television
Ray Forrest on never meeting David Sarnoff in person, but knowing Robert Sarnoff

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on acquiring ABC and having a conversation with NBC's David Sarnoff
Leonard H. Goldenson on his relationship with NBC's David Sarnoff and CBS' William Paley
Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo with CBS' William Paley and NBC's David Sarnoff

Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr.

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Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. on the working conditions at Allen B. DuMont's DuMont Laboratories when he was hired in 1936, and on DuMont working with David Sarnoff
Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. on the industry push toward color television in the 1950s involving David Sarnoff and Allen B. DuMont, and on the NTSC setting standards for color television 
Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. on David Sarnoff

Julian Goodman

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Julian Goodman on working with David Sarnoff

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on David Sarnoff and Robert Sarnoff

Monty Hall

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Monty Hall on re-negotiating his contract for Let's Make a Deal

Skitch Henderson

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Lyle "Skitch" Henderson on David Sarnoff dismantling the NBC Symphony, and on becoming music director for NBC

Martin Hoade

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Martin Hoade on his impressions of David Sarnoff, and on the creation of NBC

Stanley Hubbard

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Stanley Hubbard on his father's relationship with David Sarnoff
Stanley Hubbard on his mentor, David Sarnoff

Lucy Jarvis

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Lucy Jarvis on her crew for The Kremlin and it being NBC first major color broadcast

Loren Jones

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Loren Jones on the early television development team at RCA, headed by David Sarnoff and including Vladimir Zworykin
Loren Jones on Vladimir Zworykin and David Sarnoff's early vision of what television would be
Loren Jones on scientist Edward Armstrong's role in the development of television, and his patent feud with David Sarnoff
Loren Jones on Robert Sarnoff, David Sarnoff, and Vladimir Zworykin

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis on David Sarnoff

Art Linkletter

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Art Linkletter on David Sarnoff

Newton N. Minow

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FCC chair Newton Minow on meeting with RCA head David Sarnoff regarding the number of network-owned stations permitted and on the threatened antitrust action regarding RCA's development of color television

Thomas W. Moore

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Thomas W. Moore on the government attempting to require public service programming on the networks, and on William S. Paley and General David Sarnoff

Alan Neuman

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Alan Neuman on David Sarnoff

Don Pike

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Don Pike on David Sarnoff's involvement in the development of color television

Lee Rich

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Lee Rich on the network creators: David Sarnoff (NBC), William S. Paley (CBS), and Leonard Goldenson (ABC)

John Rich

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John Rich on David Sarnoff

Hank Rieger

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Hank Rieger on working with David Sarnoff

Fred Rogers

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Fred Rogers on David Sarnoff

Thomas W. Sarnoff

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Thomas W. Sarnoff on his father, NBC founder David Sarnoff
Thomas W. Sarnoff on the vision of his father, NBC founder David Sarnoff
Thomas W. Sarnoff on the death of his father, NBC founder David Sarnoff
Thomas W. Sarnoff on David Sarnoff's legacy

Herbert S. Schlosser

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Herbert S. Schlosser on NBC's negotiations with Universal, and on David Sarnoff
Herbert S. Schlosser on General David Sarnoff

James Sheldon

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James Sheldon on seeing David Sarnoff when he was an NBC Page in the early 1940s

Garry Simpson

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Garry Simpson on David Sarnoff and his son, Robert

Sid Smith

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Sid Smith on his thoughts on people with whom he's worked - David Sarnoff

Dick Smith

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Dick Smith on David Sarnoff, "The Godfather"

Frank Stanton

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Frank Stanton on David Sarnoff

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