John Wayne

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James Arness

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James Arness on John Wayne introducing the first episode of Gunsmoke

Al Borden

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Al Borden on various stars he worked with in his career

Richard Dawson

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Richard Dawson on doing a sketch with John Wayne on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In

Stephanie Edwards

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Stephanie Edwards on interviewing John Wayne

Arthur Gardner

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Arthur Gardner on his impressions of John Wayne

Ron Howard

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Ron Howard on working with John Wayne (and director Don Siegel) on the feature film "The Shootist"

Frank Inn

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Frank Inn on Rudd Weatherwax losing "Lassie" to John Wayne in a poker game

Al Lewis

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Al Lewis on running into John Wayne at the Universal commissary
Al Lewis on meeting John Wayne at the Universal commissary and Lewis' views on acting careers

John J. Lloyd

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John J. Lloyd on working with John Wayne

Sam Lovullo

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Sam Lovullo on producing Swing Out, Sweet Land, starring John Wayne

A.C. Lyles

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A.C. Lyles on why he liked working in the Western genre, and on working with John Wayne and John Ford

Ricardo Montalban

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Ricardo Montalban on his Emmy-winning performance as an American Indian in How the West was Won (1978)

Harry Morgan

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Harry Morgan on working with John Wayne in the film How the West Was Won
Harry Morgan on working with John Wayne

Hal Needham

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Hal Needham on doing stunts for John Wayne and John Ford

Hugh O'Brian

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Hugh O'Brian on working with John Wayne on the film The Shootist and Wayne refereeing a fight in the Marine Corps
Hugh O'Brian on a photo of him from ABC
Hugh O'Brian on a photo of him The Shootist with John Wayne

Herbert S. Schlosser

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Herbert S. Schlosser on doing the deal for the syndicated series Danger Is My Business produced by John Wayne

William Self

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William Self on appearing in Howard Hawkes' "Red River" with John Wayne

Sid Smith

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Sid Smith on directing John Wayne on The Jimmy Durante Show

Herbert F. Solow

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Herbert F. Solow on his deal with John Wayne

Neil Travis

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Neil Travis on meeting John Wayne while working on "The Cowboys"

Barbara Walters

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Barbara Walters on receiving a telegram of support from John Wayne

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