Merv Griffin

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Edie Adams

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Edie Adams on her thoughts on people with whom she's worked over the years - Merv Griffin

Army Archerd

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Army Archerd on Merv Griffin

Dick Cavett

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Dick Cavett on working with Merv Griffin

Dick Clark

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Dick Clark on Merv Griffin

Robert Clary

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Robert Clary on appearing on The Merv Griffin Show, and on his personal friendship with Griffin

Bill Conti

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Bill Conti on playing his themes on The Merv Griffin Show

Warren Cowan

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Publicist Warren Cowan on Merv Griffin penning the theme song for Jeopardy!
Publicist Warren Cowan on working with Merv Griffin

Dick Van Dyke

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Dick Van Dyke on Merv Griffin being a regular and one-time standin host on The Morning Show which Van Dyke hosted, on CBS

Harry Friedman

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Harry Friedman on his relationship with Wheel of Fortune  creator Merv Griffin 

Hal Gurnee

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Hal Gurnee on various guest hosts of Tonight between Jack Paar and Johnny Carson, including Merv Griffin and Jack E. Leonard

Skitch Henderson

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Lyle "Skitch" Henderson on The Merv Griffin Show

Roger King

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Roger King on getting the distribution rights to Wheel of Fortune from Merv Griffin, and selling the show

Michael King

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Michael King on hiring Alex Trebek to host Jeopardy! and working with Merv Griffin

Art Linkletter

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Art Linkletter on Jackie Gleason and Merv Griffin

Wink Martindale

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Wink Martindale on working with Merv Griffin on Headline Chasers

Della Reese

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Della Reese on appearing on several talk and variety shows, including The Merv Griffin Show

Pat Sajak

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Pat Sajak on doing the weather for KNBC Los Angeles and impressing Merv Griffin and offering Sajak Wheel of Fortune
Pat Sajak on working with Merv Griffin and hiring Vanna White
Pat Sajak on Merv Griffin and the night-time version of Wheel of Fortune
Pat Sajak on Merv Griffin selling Wheel of Fortune and their relationship towards the end of Griffin's life

Cybill Shepherd

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Cybill Shepherd on hosting the syndicated talk show, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (executive produced by Merv Griffin)
Cybill Shepherd on working with Merv Griffin

Ira Skutch

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Ira Skutch on Merv Griffin

Herbert F. Solow

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Herbert F. Solow on working with Merv Griffin

Dick Stiles

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Dick Stiles on working with Merv Griffin on Wheel of Fortune

Norman Stiles

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Norman Stiles on writing for Allen & Rossi and various other comedians and going to write for Merv Griffin

Alex Trebek

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Alex Trebek on the Jeopardy "think" music written by Merv Griffin
Alex Trebek on Merv Griffin's involvement with Jeopardy!, on his selling the show to Sony, and on the pairing of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune

Lou Weiss

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Lou Weiss on representing Merv Griffin

Vanna White

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Vanna White on Merv Griffin hiring her for Wheel of Fortune
Vanna White on Merv Griffin
Vanna White on her relationship with Merv Griffin

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