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Edie Adams

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Edie Adams on her thoughts on people with whom she's worked - Milton Berle

Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on his very famous babysitter, Milton Berle
Steve Allen on his thoughts on colleagues through the years - Milton Berle

Army Archerd

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Army Archerd on Milton Berle

Lucie Arnaz

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Lucie Arnaz on various Here's Lucy guest stars

Bruce Bilson

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Bruce Bilson on directing episodes (including one with Milton Berle) of The Love Boat

Al Borden

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Al Borden on being propmaster for Texaco Star Theater with Milton Berle
Al Borden on working with George Burns and Milton Berle

Sid Caesar

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Sid Caesar on Milton Berle

Dann Cahn

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Dann Cahn on his early impressions of television and Milton Berle

Connie Chung

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Connie Chung on wanting to watch Texaco Star Theater and having to watch Life is Worth Living instead

William Clotworthy

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William Clotworthy on working on Texaco Star Theater while he was an NBC page
William Clotworthy on Lorne Michaels' belief that Milton Berle was the worst host of all time on Saturday Night Live

Tony Roberts with Emerson College

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Tony Roberts on learning comedic technique from Milton Berle, and on farce

Irma Kalish with Emerson College

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Rocky and Irma Kalish on Milton Berle
Rocky and Irma Kalish on Milton Berle

Hal Cooper

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Hal Cooper on acting with Milton Berle as a guest star on I Dream of Jeannie

Fred de Cordova

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Fred de Cordova on working with Milton Berle early on and the first shows de Cordova directed
Fred de Cordova on Milton Berle

Warren Cowan

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Publicist Warren Cowan on representing Milton Berle and Kirk Douglas
Publicist Warren Cowan on working with Milton Berle (and on Berle not writing his own theme song)

Bill Dana

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Bill Dana on working for Milton Berle, an experience he describes as "choreographing a typhoon"

Michael Dann

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Michael Dann on Milton Berle's humor
Michael Dann on early television variety shows
Michael Dann on Milton Berle and Texaco Star Theater
Michael Dann on Milton Berle and the cancellation of Texaco Star Theater

Danny DeVito

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Danny DeVito on meeting Milton Berle

Richard Donner

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Richard Donner on his first memory of television

Mike Douglas

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Mike Doulgas on an incident between Milton Berle and Richard Pryor on The Mike Douglas Show

Jamie Farr

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Jamie Farr on a memorable Bob Hope special in which he and Milton Berle wear the same dress

Ray Forrest

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Ray Forrest on meeting Milton Berle for the first time
Ray Forrest on doing the warm-up for Texaco Star Theater
Ray Forrest on a photo of him with Milton Berle at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, circa 1948/'49

Greg Garrison

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Greg Garrison on directing Texaco Star Theater with Milton Berle
Greg Garrison on directing Texaco Star Theater, starring Milton Berle

Leonard Goldberg

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Leonard Goldberg on The Milton Berle Show lasting only 13 weeks at ABC

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on working during the beginnings of television on The Milton Berle Show

Hal Kanter

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Hal Kanter on writing for Kraft Music Hall featuring Milton Berle
Hal Kanter on Milton Berle, Bob Hope, and Lucille Ball

Bob Keeshan

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Bob Keeshan on how much of his "Clarabell the Clown" moves were scripted on Howdy Doody

Eartha Kitt

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Eartha Kitt on her early memories of television

William Klages

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William Klages on working with Milton Berle
William Klages on working on JFK's inauguration, which Frank Sinatra produced

Buz Kohan

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Buz Kohan on seeing Milton Berle's legendary appendage

Richard Lewis

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Richard Lewis on working on the radio show "Let Yourself Go" hosted by Milton Berle

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis on his appearance with Dean Martin on Texaco Star Theater
Jerry Lewis on hosting a telethon with Milton Berle

Rose Marie

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Rose Marie on her friendship with Milton Berle

Peter Marshall

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Peter Marshall on solving Milton Berle's backstage problems on Hollywood Squares

Barney McNulty

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Barney McNulty on doing cue cards for Milton Berle on The Milton Berle Show

Jayne Meadows

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Jayne Meadows on the accomplishments her husband Steve Allen was most proud of and his legacy

Walter C. Miller

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Walter C. Miller on a conversation he had with Milton Berle on the day of John F. Kennedy's assassination

John Moffitt

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John Moffitt on a picture of Milton Berle and Ed Sullivan

Alan Neuman

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Alan Neuman on Milton Berle

Charlotte Rae

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Charlotte Rae on working with Milton Berle on The Jackie Gleason Show

Joyce Randolph

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Joyce Randolph on working on Texaco Star Theater

John Rich

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John Rich on watching Milton Berle rehearse

Hank Rieger

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Hank Rieger on publicity for NBC star Milton Berle

Stanley Ralph Ross

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Stanley Ralph Ross on working with Milton Berle
Stanley Ralph Ross on his friendship with Milton Berle

Aaron Ruben

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Aaron Ruben on writing for Milton Berle's radio show

Bob Schiller

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Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskopf on a picture of Lucille Ball and Milton Berle with Bob Schiller

Judith Sheindlin

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Judith Sheindlin on growing up watching Milton Berle's Texaco Star Theater, and on meeting Berle years later

Hazel Shermet

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Hazel Shermet on working with Milton Berle on radio

Sid Smith

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Sid Smith on a photo with Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, and Milton Berle 

Dick Smith

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Dick Smith on working with Milton Berle

Bob Smith

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"Buffalo" Bob Smith on Milton Berle, Perry Como, Jack Weinstock, and Mildred Smith

Leonard Stern

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Leonard Stern on how Milton Berle gave him his first job; Berle's treatment of writers

Gale Storm

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Gale Storm on appearing on Milton Berle's variety show

Marlo Thomas

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Marlo Thomas on guest actors on That Girl

Ret Turner

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Ret Turner on doing wardrobe for Milton Berle on Texaco Star Theater

Leslie Uggams

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Leslie Uggams on getting her start in television as a child on The Milton Berle Show and other variety shows
Leslie Uggams on an interaction between her mother and Milton Berle's mother on the set of The Milton Berle Show

Bob Weiskopf

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Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskopf on a picture of Lucille Ball and Milton Berle with Bob Schiller

Lou Weiss

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Lou Weiss on packaging Texaco Star Theater  starring Milton Berle

Alan Zweibel

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Alan Zweibel on Saturday Night Live guest-host Milton Berle confirming a big rumor for him at the Friars Club

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