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Edie Adams

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Edie Adams on how much she enjoyed working with Sid Caesar
Edie Adams on working with Sid Caesar on Here's Edie
Edie Adams on working with Sid Caesar on "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"  

Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on attending Sid Caesar's last show on NBC
Steve Allen on his thoughts on colleagues through the years - Sid Caesar

Charlie Andrews

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Charlie Andrews on being hired to write for Caesar's Hour starring Sid Caesar

Beatrice Arthur

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Beatrice Arthur on her small roles on Caesar's Hour

Paul Bogart

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Paul Bogart briefly on being a stage manager on Your Show of Shows

Dick Cavett

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Dick Cavett on Sid Caesar's spotty memory during his alcohol daze

Beatrice Arthur with Emerson College

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Beatrice Arthur on lessons she learned from Sid Caesar
Beatrice Arthur on creating characters and learning from Sid Caesar

Norman Lear with Emerson College

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Norman Lear on tense moments between Nick Condos and Sid Caesar

Eddie Brill with Emerson College

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Eddie Brill on partaking in a tribute to Sid Caesar, and on Norm Crosby and Jack Carter

Hal Cooper

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Hal Cooper on directing Sid Caesar as a guest star on That Girl

Michael Dann

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Michael Dann on Sid Caesar

Sam Denoff

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Sam Denoff on working for Sid Caesar
Sam Denoff on Dick Van Dyke, Jackie Gleason and Sid Caesar as straight men
Sam Denoff on working on the Sid Caesar Reunion special

Hugh Downs

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Hugh Downs on on-camera announcing for Caesar's Hour

Dick Van Dyke

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Dick Van Dyke on getting to work with Sid Caeasar, and early comedic hero, on his variety show

Nanette Fabray

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Nanette Fabray on live, on-air mishaps during Caesar's Hour involving Sid Caesar
Nanette Fabray on various sketches she performed in with Sid Caesar on Caesar's Hour, including doing pantomime with Caesar
Nanette Fabray on the legacy of Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows and Caesar's Hour

Greg Garrison

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Greg Garrison on his approach to directing performers like Gene Kelly and Sid Caesar, and on working with Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows
Greg Garrison on Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, and the rest of the cast of Your Show of Shows

Larry Gelbart

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Larry Gelbart on the rigorous work ethic and camaraderie of the writers of Caesar's Hour
Larry Gelbart on how Sid Caesar "allowed us to be hip" when writing for Caesar's Hour
Larry Gelbart on Sid Caesar's talents and how he wishes he could have continued to entertain generations

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on working during the beginnings of television on The Show of Shows with Sid Caesar

Skitch Henderson

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Lyle "Skitch" Henderson on working on Your Show of Shows with Sid Caesar

Geri Jewell

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Geri Jewell on her relationship with Norman Lear and Ed Simmons and a show she and Simmons tried to sell starring Jewell and Sid Caesar

Lucille Kallen

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Lucille Kallen on working with Imogene Coca at Tamiment and on writing for Coca and Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows
Lucille Kallen on meeting Sid Caesar and writing for Admiral Broadway Revue
Lucille Kallen on Sid Caesar's temperament during the run of Your Show of Shows and on being the only female in the writers room
Lucille Kallen on the main stars of Admiral Broadway Revue (and the chemistry between Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca)
Lucille Kallen on the "Doris and Charlie Hickenlooper" sketches on Your Show of Shows, featuring Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca

Lynwood King

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Lynwood King on on a live television blooper involving Sid Caesar

Jayne Meadows

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Jayne Meadows on the accomplishments her husband Steve Allen was most proud of and his legacy

John Moffitt

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John Moffitt on Sid Caesar's appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

Howard Morris

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Howard Morris on the format of Admiral Broadway Revue, and on working with Sid Caesar and Max Liebman

Bill Persky

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Bill Persky on writing, with Sam Denoff, The Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris Special

Tony Randall

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Tony Randall on appearing in The United States Steel Hour's "Holiday on Wheels" with Sid Caesar and various variety shows

Carl Reiner

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Performer/writer Carl Reiner on working with Sid Caesar
Performer/writer Carl Reiner on his impressions of Sid Caesar
Performer/writer Carl Reiner on Your Show of Shows co-star Imogene Coca (and her working relationship with Sid Caesar)
Performer/writer Carl Reiner on Sid Caesar on Caesar's Hour

Rob Reiner

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Rob Reiner on his memories of Sid Caesar from when he was a child, and on a 1994 reunion of Your Show of Shows writers

Mickey Rooney

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Mickey Rooney on working with Sid Caesar

Phil Rosenthal

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Phil Rosenthal on seeing sketches from Your Show of Shows for the first time and wanting to be Sid Caesar

Aaron Ruben

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Aaron Ruben on the domineering presence of Sid Caesar

George Shapiro

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George Shapiro on Sid Caesar performing at Tamiment

Dick Smith

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Dick Smith on Sid Caesar

Ben Starr

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Ben Starr on working and socializing with Sid Caesar

Marlo Thomas

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Marlo Thomas on guest actors on That Girl

Mel Tolkin

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Mel Tolkin on his first impressions of Sid Caesar and on their relationship
Mel Tolkin on writing for Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca on Admiral Broadway Revue
Mel Tolkin on how Your Show of Shows was different from Admiral Broadway Revue, and on discovering Sid Caesar's talents
Mel Tolkin on classic sketches from Caesar's Hour featuring Sid Caesar

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