Edward Asner

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Harve Bennett

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Harve Bennett on how Edward Asner came to be cast in Rich Man, Poor Man

William Blinn

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William Blinn on the "Captain Davies" character in Roots, played by Edward Asner, and on the "Anne Reynolds" character played by Sandy Duncan

James L. Brooks

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James L. Brooks on the ensemble cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show
James L. Brooks on Ed Asner getting his own show, Lou Grant

Allan Burns

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Allan Burns on casting "Lou Grant" on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Allan Burns on the creation of Lou Grant and making the show a drama rather than a comedy
Allan Burns on Ed Asner's political activism and how it affected Lou Grant

LeVar Burton

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LeVar Burton on his Roots co-stars

Richard Crenna

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Richard Crenna on working with Ed Asner on Slattery's People, and on the stories on the show
Richard Crenna on directing Lou Grant starring Ed Asner

Charles Dubin

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Charles S. Dubin on directing Lou Grant with Ed Asner and Nancy Marchand

Harlan Ellison

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Harlan Ellison on walking off his first directing job

Gavin MacLeod

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Gavin MacLeod on Edward Asner as "Lou Grant" on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore

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Mary Tyler Moore on the casting of Ed Asner as "Lou Grant" on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Bernie Oseransky

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Bernie Oseransky on working with Ed Asner

Gene Reynolds

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Gene Reynolds on Edward Asner as "Lou Grant" on Lou Grant  and the rest of the cast

Hank Rieger

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Hank Rieger on Edward Asner, the AFTRA strike, and the Emmy Awards

Jay Sandrich

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Jay Sandrich on how it took a while for Ed Asner to trust him when they were working on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Ted Sarandos

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Ted Sarandos on writing for the local newspaper when he was in high school and getting the opportunity to do an interview with Ed Asner

William Schallert

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William Schallert on Ed Asner succeeding him as President of SAG

Jan Scott

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Jan Scott on doing production design for The Gathering, starring Ed Asner

Ralph Senensky

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Ralph Senensky on directing Ed Asner in Lou Grant

Treva Silverman

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on writing the The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "The Lou and Edie Story," featuring Ed Asner as "Lou Grant"

Grant Tinker

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Grant Tinker on casting The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Grant Tinker on Lou Grant's Ed Asner
Grant Tinker on Ed Asner

Betty White

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Betty White on working with Mark Goodson,Dinah Shore, Rod Serling, Grant Tinker, Mary Tyler Moore, Edward Asner, Cloris Leachman, and Ted Knight

Ethel Winant

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Ethel Winant on casting The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Edward Asner

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