Barbara Stanwyck

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Army Archerd

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Army Archerd on his first celebrity interview, with Barbara Stanwyck

Robert Culp

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Robert Culp on meeting Barbara Stanwyck on The Barbara Stanwyck Show

Jeannie Epper

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Jeannie Epper on doing stunt work for Barbara Stanwyck on The Big Valley

Dorothy Fontana

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Dorothy Fontana on writing for The Big Valley starring Barbara Stanwyck

Arthur Gardner

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Arthur Gardner on The Big Valley star Barbara Stanwyck
Arthur Gardner on what it was like working with Barbara Stanwyck on The Big Valley

Lee Grant

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Lee Grant on Barbara Stanwyck

Arthur Hiller

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Arthur Hiller on directing The Barbara Stanwyck Show and Telephone Time with Claudette Colbert

Nolan Miller

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Nolan Miller on first meeting Barbara Stanwyck while he was working as a florist in Los Angeles
Nolan Miller on designing for Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck on Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre
Nolan Miller on the attempted Charlie's Angels spin-off Toni's Boys starring Barbara Stanwyck

Ricardo Montalban

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Ricardo Montalban on his disappointment on starring in The Colbys

Del Reisman

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Del Reisman on the guest-stars of The Untouchables, including Barbara Stanwyck and Patricia Neal

Ralph Senensky

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Ralph Senensky on directing Barbara Stanwyck in The Big Valley; on how she was a class act

Esther Shapiro

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Richard and Esther Shapiro on working with Barbara Stanwyck on The Colbys

Richard Shapiro

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Richard and Esther Shapiro on working with Barbara Stanwyck on The Colbys

Aaron Spelling

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Aaron Spelling on spinning of The Colbys from Dynasty

Brandon Stoddard

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Brandon Stoddard on developing The Thorn Birds

David L. Wolper

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David L. Wolper on casting Richard Chamberlain, Barbara Stanwyck, and others on The Thorn Birds

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