Marlon Brando

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Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on censorship on Meeting of Minds and Marlon Brando and Shirley MacLaine getting involved with him to protest capital punishment

Ernest Borgnine

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Ernest Borgnine on Marlon Brando's talent

Reuben Cannon

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Reuben Cannon on going to work for Warner Bros. and casting Roots: The Next Generations

Diahann Carroll

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Diahann Carroll on her friendship with Sammy Davis, Jr. and meeting Marlon Brando

Dick Cavett

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Dick Cavett on Marlon Brando feeling a kinship with Cavett

Dick Cavett with Emerson College

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Dick Cavett on Marlon Brando suffering from depression and how he gets through depressive episodes

Horton Foote

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Horton Foote on Arthur Penn and Marlon Brando

James Garner

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James Garner on appearing in the feature film "Sayonara" 

Everett Greenbaum

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Everett Greenbaum on Wally Cox and Marlon Brando

Kim Hunter

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Kim Hunter on working with Marlon Brando and Jessica Tandy in the stage version of "A Streetcar Named Desire"

Eddie Foy III

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Eddie Foy III on Marlon Brando and casting future stars

Shirley Jones

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Shirley Jones on working with Marlon Brando, and on working with Robert Preston in "The Music Man"

Larry King

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Larry King on Marlon Brando (and the kiss on Larry King Live )

Ernest Kinoy

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Ernest Kinoy on Marlon Brando in Roots: The Next Generations

Harry Morgan

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Harry Morgan on Marlon Brando
Harry Morgan on Marlon Brando

Nichelle Nichols

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Nichelle Nichols on a bet she made with Marlon Brando

Arthur Penn

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On various people with whom he worked in his career: Marlon Brando

Joseph Sargent

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Joseph Sargent on his connection to Stanley Kubrick and working with Marlon Brando

Esther Shapiro

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Esther Shapiro on casting Marlon Brando in the miniseries Roots: The Next Generation

Dick Smith

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Dick Smith on David Sarnoff, "The Godfather"
Dick Smith on Marlon Brando in The Godfather

Robert Vaughn

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Robert Vaughn on the influence of Marlon Brando on him

Joseph M. Wilcots

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Joseph M. Wilcots on the "George Lincoln Rockwell" scene in Roots: The Next Generations

David L. Wolper

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David L. Wolper on Marlon Brando playing "George Lincoln Rockwell" in Roots: The Next Generations

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