Herbert Brodkin

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Walter Bernstein

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Walter Bernstein on his thoughts on Herbert Brodkin

Paul Bogart

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Paul Bogart on working with Herbert Brodkin and other producers on The Defenders
Paul Bogart on directing The Nurses

Robert Butler

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Robert Butler on directing a Defenders episode where an actor was deemed "unacceptable" due to the Blacklist
Robert Butler on directing episodes of The Defenders

Charles Cappleman

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Charles Cappleman on Studio One, and on Herbert Brodkin and Worthington Miner

Bob Costello

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Bob Costello on working with Herbert Brodkin on The Nurses

Michael Dann

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Michael Dann on Herbert Brodkin not being censored on The Defenders
Michael Dann on The Defenders' producer Herbert Brodkin

Charles Dubin

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Charles S. Dubin on directing The Defenders, produced by Herbert Brodkin

Norman Felton

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Director Norman Felton on working with Herbert Brodkin and becoming a producer
Norman Felton on censorship on Playhouse 90's "Judgment at Nuremberg"
Norman Felton on working with Herb Brodkin
Norman Felton on a photo with Herb Brodkin

Horton Foote

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Horton Foote on Herbert Brodkin

Jerry Goldsmith

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Jerry Goldsmith on composing for Playhouse 90 for producer Herbert Brodkin

Lee Grant

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Lee Grant on appearing on two episodes of The Nurses produced by Herb Brodkin

Lamont Johnson

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Lamont Johnson on directing Judd for the Defense, and directing The Defenders for producer Herb Brodkin

Sidney M. Katz

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Sidney M. Katz on editing The Defenders for producer Herbert Brodkin
Sidney M. Katz on editing The Nurses  and other Herbert Brodkin shows

Ernest Kinoy

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Ernest Kinoy on meeting producer Herbert Brodkin
Ernest Kinoy on working with producer Herbert Brodkin
Ernest Kinoy on Herbert Brodkin's legacy in television 

Jack Klugman

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Jack Klugman on producer Herbert Brodkin

Sidney Lumet

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Sidney Lumet on directing for The Alcoa Hour and on working for producer Herbert Brodkin

Loring Mandel

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Loring Mandel on Studio One producers Herbert Brodkin and Felix Jackson

Abby Mann

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Abby Mann on writing for Studio One produced by Herbert Brodkin

Bob Markell

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Bob Markell on working with Herbert Brodkin
Bob Markell on working with Herbert Brodkin on Studio One
Bob Markell on working with Herbert Brodkin
Bob Markell on becoming an Associate Producer and working with Herbert Brodkin
Bob Markell on working on The Defenders with Herbert Brodkin

E. G. Marshall

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E.G. Marshall on The Defenders producer Herbert Brodkin, and on the subject matter of the show

Daniel Petrie, Sr.

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Daniel Petrie, Sr. on directing The Alcoa Hour for producer Herbert Brodkin and Alex Segal

Ralph Senensky

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Ralph Senensky on Playhouse 90 producer Herbert Brodkin

William Shatner

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William Shatner on his first lead role in a series playing David Koster in For the People, produced by Herbert Brodkin

William Tankersley

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William Tankersley on CBS Standards & Practices' workings with Herbert Brodkin on Playhouse 90

Jane Wyatt

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Jane Wyatt on working with producer Herbert Brodkin

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