James Dean

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Allan Burns

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Allan Burns on being a page on "The Battler" starring Paul Newman and James Dean - an episode of Playwrights '56

Earl Hamner, Jr.

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Earl Hamner on working on The Kate Smith Hour with James Dean

Jeffrey Hayden

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Jeffrey Hayden on memorable Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse shows "Thunder of Silence" and "Run Like A Thief" (and his difficulties with James Dean on the latter)

Frank Inn

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Frank Inn on acting as animal trainer for the feature film "Giant" starring James Dean

Sheila Kuehl

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Sheila Kuehl on James Dean appearing on The Stu Erwin Show

Sidney Lumet

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Sidney Lument on how movie actors, including James Dean, adapted to television, and on directing You Are There

E. G. Marshall

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E.G. Marshall on working briefly with James Dean on The Web

Dick Van Patten

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Dick Van Patten on James Dean being hired as his replacement to work on the show Mama
Dick Van Patten on working with Paul Newman, Jack Lemon and James Dean on the show Mama

Arthur Penn

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Arthur Penn on the Playwrights '56 episode "The Battler" which was to star James Dean

Daniel Petrie, Sr.

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Daniel Petrie, Sr. on working with James Dean

Doris Roberts

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Doris Roberts on Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, who she studied with at The Actors Studio

William Self

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William Self on various episodes of Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, including "The Unlighted Road," starring James Dean

James Sheldon

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James Sheldon on nearly casting James Dean on Mama and helping him get an agent
James Sheldon on James Dean's death
James Sheldon on trying to connect with Rock Hudson over James Dean on the set of MacMillan and Wife
James Sheldon on James Dean's behavior on an episode of Armstrong Circle Theatre: "The Bells of Cockaigne"

Garry Simpson

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Garry Simpson on directing James Dean
Garry Simpson on James Dean

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