Klaus Landsberg

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Haskell Boggs

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Haskell Boggs on seeing an early television test by Klaus Landsberg and shooting a feature film in 3-D

Carl Brainard

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Carl Brainard on the life and legacy of Klaus Landsberg
Carl Brainard on Syd Cassyd, Harry Lubcke, and Klaus Landsberg's vision for the Television Academy

Stan Chambers

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Stan Chambers on the history and facilities of KTLA and some of the key people who were there at the beginning
Stan Chambers on KTLA's mesmerizing organist Korla Pandit
Stan Chambers on hosting Frosty Frolics on Los Angeles' KTLA
Stan Chambers on reporting at the scene of the 1949 Kathy Fiscus tragedy -- a story that was followed nationwide
Stan Chambers on Klaus Landsberg
Stan Chambers on a photo of Klaus Landsberg

Elinor Donahue

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Elinor Donahue on family friend Dick Lane's friendship with Klaus Landsberg and her start in experimental television

Bob Finkel

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Bob Finkel onseeing Klaus Landsberg on television, covering the Kathy Fiscus incident - child fell down a well

Ed Resnick

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Ed Resnick on being hired by Klaus Landsberg to work on an experimental television test stage
Ed Resnick on working for early experimental television station W6XYZ under Klaus Landsberg
Ed Resnick on Klaus Landsberg directing shows for W6XYZ
Ed Resnick on the conclusion of the Kathy Fiscus story, the effect it had on television, and Klaus Landsberg's direction of the broadcast
Ed Resnick on the death of Klaus Landsberg and his legacy

John Silva

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John Silva on almost joining NBC in New York, but instead joining Klaus Landsberg in an experimental television station in Los Angeles, KTLA
John Silva on Klaus Landsberg coming to America from Germany
John Silva on KTLA chief engineer Klaus Landsberg's strategy for the station
John Silva on introducing Lawrence Welk to the ten-minute interval between commercials
John Silva on KTLA covering the atomic bomb test in Nevada in 1952
John Silva on introducing Walter Cronkite to Klaus Landsberg
John Silva on KTLA's transition to color television
John Silva on what Klaus Landsberg would think of then-current KTLA

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