Charles Van Doren

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Reuven Frank

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Reuven Frank on Charles Van Doren at NBC News

Albert Freedman

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Albert Freedman on the head of Geritol (Twenty One's sponsor) wanting Herbert Stempel off the program and how Freedman convinced Charles Van Doren to become a contestant
Albert Freedman on how he convinced Charles Van Doren to become a contestant on Twenty-One  (contd.)
Albert Freedman on whether or not he gave Charles Van Doren answers for his first appearance Twenty-One  
Albert Freedman on Charles Van Doren's appeal on Twenty-One  
Albert Freedman on Charles Van Doren's tie wins with Herbert Stempel on Twenty-One  and Van Doren having the questions in advance
Albert Freedman on how Charles Van Doren's appeal made Twenty-One  so entertaining and successful in the ratings; on how Van Doren boosted sales of television sets
Albert Freedman on Charles Van Doren becoming a celebrity because of his appearances of Twenty-One  
Albert Freedman on the decision to have Charles Van Doren lose on Twenty-One
Albert Freedman on Charles Van Doren contacting him when the D.A.'s office announced an investigation into the quiz shows (including Twenty-One)
Albert Freedman on how he got embroiled in the investigations surrounding the Quiz Show Scandals and refusing to implicate Charles Van Doren; on how he was counseled by lawyers
Albert Freedman on Charles Van Doren being persuaded to testify before the House Committee after Van Doren had seen the notes from the original Grand Jury testimony; on Freedman returning from Mexico to testify
Albert Freedman on whether or not he's spoken to Charles Van Doren since Freedman's indictment
Albert Freedman on reaching out to Charles Van Doren's lawyer to explain the circumstances under which Freedman would be testifying before the House Committee (to explain that Freedman would not be speaking about Van Doren)
Albert Freedman on who the "bad guys" were in the Quiz Show Scandals and the fluke of the success of Charles Van Doren

Julian Goodman

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Julian Goodman on Charles Van Doren's appearance on the public affairs show Comment

Florence Henderson

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Florence Henderson on working on Today when Charles Van Doren was a correspondent

Jeff Kisseloff

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Jeff Kisseloff on attempting to interview Charles Van Doren and various other figures involved with the Quiz Show Scandals

Herbert Stempel

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Herbert Stempel on Charles Van Doren, his final "opponent" on Twenty-One
Herbert Stempel on finally being "defeated" by Charles Van Doren on Twenty-One
Herbert Stempel on the psychological impact the Twenty-One  scandal had on him, and on the public perception of his testimony regarding Charles Van Doren

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