Ed Wynn

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Bob Banner

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Bob Banner on producing A Salute to American Imagination, the Ford Motors seventy-fifth anniversary celebration and on working with Ed Wynn costarring Tom Conway

Al Borden

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Al Borden on various stars he worked with in his career

Carl Brainard

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Carl Brainard on a photo of Ed Wynn, Charlie Ruggles, and "Miss Emmy" c. 1948

Seaman Jacobs

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Seaman Jacobs on writing for Fred Allen's radio show and for Ed Wynn's radio show, and later for The Ed Wynn Show on television
Seaman Jacobs on how he met Ed Wynn

Hal Kanter

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Hal Kanter on his very first television writing job on The Ed Wynn Show
Hal Kanter on the production of The Ed Wynn Show, and on phone calls from Fanny Brice

Jerry Mathers

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Jerry Mathers on working with Ed Wynn in commercials for the Colgate Variety Hour

Barney McNulty

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Barney McNulty on early talk about television on CBS -- Ed Wynn comes out from NY to start a variety show to compete with Texaco Star Theater
Barney McNulty on how he became involved with The Ed Wynn Show
Barney McNulty on the format of The Ed Wynn Show
Barney McNulty on a typical workweek writing cue cards for The Ed Wynn Show and working on The George Gobel Show
Barney McNulty on CBS and The Ed Wynn Show in the early days of television
Barney McNulty on the end of The Ed Wynn Show

Anne Nelson

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Anne Nelson on moving stars like Ed Wynn and Jack Benny to television, and on her earliest experiences seeing television

Bob Schiller

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Bob Schiller on working with Ed Wynn

Garry Simpson

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Garry Simpson on directing Four Star Revue
Garry Simpson on working with Ed Wynn
Garry Simpson on working with Ed Wynn on Four Star Revue

Sid Smith

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Sid Smith on his thoughts on people with whom he's worked - Ed Wynn

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