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Robert G. Anderson

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Robert G. Anderson on working with Don Hewitt on 60 Minutes, and on the guidance he provided and his vision for the series
Robert G. Anderson on a profile he did about Jay Leno for 60 Minutes and Don Hewitt's guidance in crafting the stories

Lowell Bergman

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Lowell Bergman on producing the 60 Minutes story "Three Days in Beirut"
Lowell Bergman on the decision to kill his 60 Minutes  piece on Brown & Williamson tobacco
Lowell Bergman on CBS' decision to finally air the 60 Minutes  piece on Brown & Williamson tobacco

Wade Bingham

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Wade Bingham on 60 Minutes executive producer Don Hewitt

Mili Lerner Bonsignori

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Mili Lerner Bonsignori on Don Hewitt asking her to edit the pilot of 60 Minutes

Ed Bradley

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Ed Bradley on meeting Don Hewitt at the Democratic and Republican Conventions in 1976
Ed Bradley on the powerful, but publicly unseen presence of Don Hewitt on 60 Minutes
Ed Bradley on Don Hewitt's ability to make 60 Minutes correspondents' stories better, and his "seat of the pants editorial style"
Ed Bradley on initial resistance from Don Hewitt to his Little Richard interview on 60 Minutes
Ed Bradley on recognizing the reach of 60 Minutes after Don Hewitt excerpted a segment from CBS Reports and adapted it for 60 Minutes
Ed Bradley on Don Hewitt, after being swept away by Hewitt during Bradley's interview to record a "tease" for 60 Minutes

Jeff Fager

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Jeff Fager on changes at CBS when Laurence Tisch became CEO in 1986 and how they affected 60 Minutes and the show's creator, Don Hewitt
Jeff Fager on a conflict between then-CEO of CBS Laurence Tisch and 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt over the story of tobacco industry whistleblower Jeffrey Winger, who alleged that the tobacco industry knew the addictive and deadly nature of cigarettes
Jeff Fager on why he was excited by working at 60 Minutes and how Don Hewitt's philosophy informed the program: "He couldn't stand being involved in television that was boring."
Jeff Fager on how Don Hewitt's philosophy of news influenced him as producer of 60 Minutes
Jeff Fager on producing Steve Kroft's first story for 60 Minutes and producing a story that Don Hewitt hated
Jeff Fager on becoming executive producer of 60 Minutes, a position which he took over from the show's founder, Don Hewitt
Jeff Fager on the best advice he received on producing a story, from Don Hewitt

John Frankenheimer

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John Frankenheimer on working on Douglas Edwards and the News

Steve Kroft

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Steve Kroft on his working relationship with Don Hewitt on 60 Minutes

Sig Mickelson

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Sig Mickelson on Don Hewitt's role during CBS News' coverage of the 1952 political conventions

John Moffitt

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John Moffitt on meeting the people at CBS News

Sheila Nevins

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Sheila Nevins on being offered a job by Don Hewitt
Sheila Nevins on being asked to produce 60 Minutes

Maury Povich

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Maury Povich on Don Hewitt of 60 Minutes being a fan of A Current Affair

Dan Rather

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Dan Rather on 60 Minutes and Don Hewitt
Dan Rather on working with Don Hewitt on 60 Minutes

Andy Rooney

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Andy Rooney on his workweek on 60 Minutes, and on working with executive producer Don Hewitt

Morley Safer

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Morley Safer on Don Hewitt's role in conceiving the idea for 60 Minutes
Morley Safer on Don Hewitt's role in approving stories for 60 Minutes

Howard K. Smith

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Howard K. Smith on his thoughts on Don Hewitt

Sanford Socolow

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Sanford Socolow on Douglas Edwards' news broadcasts (produced by Don Hewitt)
Sanford Socolow on Don Hewitt's opinions on Eric Sevareid and Harry Reasoner's contributions to CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite
Sanford Socolow on the decision to replace Douglas Edwards with Walter Cronkite, and Cronkite getting the title Managing Editor on the CBS Evening News because he didn't trust Don Hewitt
Sanford Socolow on Walter Cronkite interviewing Frank Sinatra and asking about Sinatra's alleged mafia ties and Sinatra pulling Don Hewitt into another room
Sanford Socolow on his role and Don Hewitt's role as producers of CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite
Sanford Socolow on working with Don Hewitt on CBS' coverage of the Vietnam War

William Tankersley

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William Tankersley on CBS Standards & Practices' interactions with news programs 

Robert Trout

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Robert Trout on hosting the CBS News series Presidential Timber  and working with Don Hewitt

Mike Wallace

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Mike Wallace on joining 60 Minutes; on detailing the concept of the program

Joseph Wershba

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Joseph Wershba on his work on 60 Minutes

Av Westin

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Av Westin on the early format of CBS News
Av Westin on Don Hewitt's role in creating television news
Av Westin on various people with whom he worked at CBS News
Av Westin on working with Mike Wallace

Perry Wolff

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Perry Wolff on 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt 

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