David L. Wolper

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John Amos

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John Amos on Roots producers David L. Wolper and Stan Margulies

Edward Asner

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Ed Asner on people he's worked with in his career - David Wolper

William Blinn

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William Blinn on Roots producers David Wolper and Stan Margulies

James L. Brooks

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James L. Brooks on David Wolper documentaries

LeVar Burton

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LeVar Burton on early screen tests and production meetings on Roots
LeVar Burton on working with David Wolper

Reuben Cannon

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Reuben Cannon on going to work for Warner Bros. and casting Roots: The Next Generations

Leo Chaloukian

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Leo Chaloukian on doing sound for David Wolper

Richard Chamberlain

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Richard Chamberlain on working with The Thorn Birds producers Stan Marguiles and David Wolper 

William Clotworthy

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William Clotworthy on working with David Wolper

Bill Conti

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Bill Conti on composing for producer David L. Wolper's miniseries North and South

Ruby Dee

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Ruby Dee on her and husband Ossie Davis' involvement in the development of Roots

Bob Doyle

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Bob Doyle on getting the National Geographic Special "Americans on Everest" on the air with the help of David L. Wolper
Bob Doyle on David L. Wolper

Gerald Fried

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Gerald Fried on composing for David Wolper's documentary, "Bees Do It, Birds Do It"
Gerald Fried on composing for Roots
Gerald Fried on working with Stan Margulies and David L. Wolper
Gerald Fried on a photo with David L. Wolper and others

Walon Green

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Walon Green on working for David L. Wolper, and on meeting Jacques and Philippe Cousteau
Walon Green on working in several capacities (cinematographer, producer, director) on David L. Wolper's National Geographic Specials
Walon Green on the impact David L. Wolper and Jack Haley, Jr. made with documentary series such as The Race for Space
Walon Green on directing the documentary "The Hellstrom Chronicle," produced by David L. Wolper, for which Green won an Oscar
Walon Green on helping out with a sequence involving insects in the David L. Wolper-produced feature film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"

Delbert Mann

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Delbert Mann on producer David Wolper

Nicolas Noxon

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Nicolas Noxon on working with producer David Wolper
Nicolas Noxon on working on the syndicated show Biography for producers David Wolper and Jack Haley, Jr.
Nicolas Noxon on documentaries he made for producer David Wolper: Prelude to War and The Epic of Flight
Nicolas Noxon on mogul John Kluge's buyout of Wolper Productions
Nicolas Noxon on the advent of National Geographic's television specials and producer David Wolper's role in the production of them
Nicolas Noxon on the feature documentary "Birds Do It, Bees Do It," produced by David Wolper

Lalo Schifrin

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Lalo Schifrin on composing music for David Wolper's three-part documentary The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

John Soh

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John Soh on editing Story Of... for David Wolper
John Soh on his time working for David Wolper Productions editing documentaries
John Soh on editing the feature film "The Hellstrom Chronicle" produced by David Wolper
John Soh on editing David Wolper's feature film "The Hellstrom Chronicle" and on Wolper's producing style

Lynn Stalmaster

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Lynn Stalmaster on casting Roots produced by David L. Wolper and starring LeVar Burton

Brandon Stoddard

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Brandon Stoddard on developing Roots

John Strauss

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John Strauss on working with producer David L. Wolper
John Strauss on publicizing David L. Wolper and Quinn Martin shows

Grant Tinker

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Grant Tinker on David Wolper's contributions to syndication

Leslie Uggams

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Leslie Uggams on her interactions with David L. Wolper and Stan Margulies, the executive producer and producer of Roots

Lou Weiss

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Lou Weiss on representing David Wolper

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