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Peter Arnett

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Peter Arnett on meeting Ted Turner soon after he was hired to be on CNN
Peter Arnett on CNN and Ted Turner resisting pressure from the George H.W. Bush administration to pull Arnett out of Baghdad during the Gulf War

Jerry Falwell

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Jerry Falwell on Ted Turner's station running Old Time Gospel Hour and Falwell's vast program archive

Tom Freston

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Tom Freston on Ted Turner starting a competing channel - Cable Music Channel - and providing the motivation for MTV's creators to launch VH1

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on Ted Turner's plan to buy ESPN
Herb Granath on selling the "Satellite News Channels" to Ted Turner

Jerry Mathers

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Jerry Mathers on the large order of 89 episodes by Ted Turner for the New Leave It To Beaver

Thomas Murphy

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Thomas Murphy on Ted Turner

Reese Schonfeld

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Reese Schonfeld on meeting Ted Turner, and on the creation of CNN
Reese Schonfeld on working alongside Ted Turner to staff CNN at its inception
Reese Schonfeld on Ted Turner's original idea for CNN, and on how Schonfeld developed it from there
Reese Schonfeld on Ted Turner choosing the name "CNN"
Reese Schonfeld on Ted Turner being hands-on at CNN in the beginning regarding content
Reese Schonfeld on his and Ted Turner's attempt to hire Dan Rather to be the main anchor at the inception of CNN
Reese Schonfeld on leaving CNN due to conflicts with Ted Turner
Reese Schonfeld on his relationship with Ted Turner since leaving CNN

Daniel Schorr

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Daniel Schorr on working for CNN at the creation of the network by Ted Turner

Sherwood Schwartz

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Sherwood Schwartz on the entities that have owned stakes in his series Gilligan's Island

Frank Stanton

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Frank Stanton on Ted Turner and Adrian Murphy

Bill Tush

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Bill Tush on getting his first job in television and meeting Ted Turner
Bill Tush on his relationship with Ted Turner

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