Roone Arledge

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Lowell Bergman

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Lowell Bergman on working for Roone Arledge at ABC News

David Brinkley

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David Brinkley on anchoring This Week with David Brinkley

Connie Chung

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Connie Chung on Roone Arledge hiring her to come to ABC - where Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer were

Sam Donaldson

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Sam Donaldson on crediting Roone Arledge for turning ABC News around
Sam Donaldson on Roone Arledge's showmanship and the origin of Nightline
Sam Donaldson on working with Roone Arledge and Arledge's legacy
Sam Donaldson on Roone Arledge backing him up when the White House was upset with Donaldson's questioning 

Hugh Downs

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Hugh Downs on the origin of 20/20 (contd.) and Roone Arledge's improvements to the show (including asking Downs to anchor the program)
Hugh Downs on working with Roone Arledge

Dick Ebersol

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Dick Ebersol on Roone Arledge's talents - the key to sports on television is storytelling
Dick Ebersol on the partnership of Jim McKay and Roone Arledge
Dick Ebersol on developing his relationship with Roone Arledge; on Arledge's contributions to sports
Dick Ebersol on Roone Arledge assembling his broadcast team at ABC Sports
Dick Ebersol on Roone Arledge and the 1972 Munich Olympics
Dick Ebersol on moving from ABC to NBC
Dick Ebersol on Roone Arledge
Dick Ebersol on Roone Arledge asking him to come be his number two at ABC

Frank Gifford

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Frank Gifford on discussions he had with Roone Arledge about Monday Night Football
Frank Gifford on Roone Arledge's departure from Monday Night Football
Frank Gifford on memories of Roone Arledge, Jim McKay and Peter Jennings covering the terrorist attack in Munich at the 1972 Olympics

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on Roone Arledge's impact on ABC and sports
Leonard H. Goldenson on putting Roone Arledge in charge of news
Leonard H. Goldenson on the success of Monday Night Football
Leonard H. Goldenson on thoughts on colleagues - Roone Arledge

Julian Goodman

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Julian Goodman on Roone Arledge

Curt Gowdy

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Curt Gowdy on how Ed Scherick and Roone Arledge transformed sports
Curt Gowdy on his respect for Roone Arledge 
Curt Gowdy on preparing to cover hockey for the Olympics

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on how Roone Arledge took a chance on hiring Howard Cosell for TV
Herb Granath on working with Roone Arledge at ABC Sports during the heyday of Monday Night Football
Herb Granath on starting a sports network with Roone Arledge
Herb Granath on Roone Arledge's involvement with news coverage of The Munich Massacre
Herb Granath on working with Roone Arledge and Bill Baker to create a competitive news network

Monty Hall

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Monty Hall on Roone Arledge wanting him to be the sports announcer for the Wembley Cup (soccer championship)

Herb Jellinek

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Herb Jellinek on various people with whom he's worked in his career: Roone Arledge

Buz Kohan

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Buz Kohan on working with the Muppets and being introduced to Jim Henson by Roone Arledge
Buz Kohan on working on Hi, Mom, produced by Roone Arledge

Ted Koppel

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Ted Koppel on working for Roone Arledge and Koppel's initial doubts about Arledge's abilities
Ted Koppel on a cautionary tale about how networks operate
Ted Koppel on America Held Hostag e becoming ABC News Nightline contd.

Jim McKay

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Jim McKay on meeting Roone Arledge and being offered a job on ABC's Wide World of Sports
Jim McKay on his first impressions of ABC's Wide World of Sports' producer Roone Arledge
Jim McKay on the talents of producer Roone Arledge

Al Michaels

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Al Michaels on Roone Arledge's influence in shaping ABC"s Wide World of Sports

Don Mischer

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Don Mischer on getting 2 job offers: one for Saturday Night Live, one for a new show with Howard Cosell and Roone Arledge

Thomas W. Moore

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Thomas Moore on the genesis of ABC's Wide World of Sports
Thomas Moore on the genesis of ABC's Monday Night Football
Thomas Moore on ABC's acquisition of the Olympic games in the 1960s and 70s

Don Ohlmeyer

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Don Ohlmeyer on mentor Roone Arledge telling him he respected how Ohlmeyer reacted under pressure
Don Ohlmeyer on Roone Arledge at The 1968 Olympics, Arledge's move from sports to news, and what he taught his mentees
Don Ohlmeyer on the format of Wide World of Sports  and how it evolved
Don Ohlmeyer on negotiation lessons learned from Roone Arledge
Don Ohlmeyer on Jim McKay's amazing job covering the 1972 Munich Olympics
Don Ohlmeyer on Battle of the Network Stars
Don Ohlmeyer on leaving ABC in 1977 - mentor Roone Arledge was taking over news

Frederick S. Pierce

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Frederick S. Pierce on Roone Arledge's contributions to ABC News

Sterling Quinlan

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Sterling "Red" Quinlan on working with Roone Arledge

Geraldo Rivera

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Geraldo Rivera on his relationship with Roone Arledge

Marlene Sanders

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Marlene Sanders on working with Bill Sheehan and Roone Arledge

Edgar J. Scherick

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Edgar Scherick on making Roone Arledge the producer of NCAA football
Edgar Scherick on hiring Roone Arledge to work for his company

Reese Schonfeld

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Reese Schonfeld on how the higher-ups at network news like Roone Arledge regarded CNN, and on the impact CNN had on network news

Chet Simmons

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Chet Simmons on working with Roone Arledge

Howard K. Smith

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Howard K. Smith on not having a great relationship with Roone Arledge at ABC News

Tony Verna

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Tony Verna on directing the 1984 Summer Olympics and athletes promoting sponsorship

Barbara Walters

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Barbara Walters on Roone Arledge's hiring of Hugh Downs on 20/20
Barbara Walters on working with Roone Arledge

Av Westin

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Av Westin on Roone Arledge's impact on ABC News
Av Westin on the "three anchor" version of World News Tonight
Av Westin on the creation of 20/20
Av Westin on the eighteen page memo that resulted in his termination at ABC News
Av Westin on changes made by Roone Arledge during Westin's tenure at ABC News

Jeff Zucker

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Jeff Zucker on his admiration for Executive Roone Arledge's work during the 1984 Olympics

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