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Walter Bernstein

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Walter Bernstein on working with Fred Coe; on Coe not hiring him during the Blacklist

Paul Bogart

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Paul Bogart on working with Fred Coe on a remake of Spellbound; on Coe as a producer

Allan Burns

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Allan Burns on being a page on Fred Coe's Playwrights '56

Bob Costello

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Bob Costello on working as a property manager on Mr. Peepers
Bob Costello on working in production on Mr. Peepers
Bob Costello on producing The Adams Chronicles

Michael Dann

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Michael Dann on Fred Coe's eye for quality programming
Michael Dann on working with Fred Coe on Philco Goodyear Television Playhouse and thoughts on the pioneers of anthology drama - Tony Miner and Martin Manulis
Michael Dann on Fred Coe

Dominick Dunne

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Dominick Dunne on working with Fred Coe

Norman Felton

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Director Norman Felton on Fred Coe's response to the "Kitty Foyle" episode of Robert Montgomery Presents  

Horton Foote

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Horton Foote on director Vincent J. Donehue and producer Fred Coe and The Gabby Hayes Show
Writer Horton Foote on writing "The Trip to Bountiful" starring Lillian Gish for Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse and producer Fred Coe
Horton Foote on his play "The Midnight Caller," and on being protected by Fred Coe
Horton Foote on his relationships with various writers including Rod Serling, on Fred Coe's relationship with writers, and on his agent
Horton Foote on continuing to work on Philco-Goodyear Playhouse and on the waning of his relationship with producer Fred Coe

John Frankenheimer

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John Frankenheimer on visiting the set of The Dennis Day Show
John Frankenheimer on Martin Manulis leaving and Fred Coe joining Playhouse 90
John Frankenheimer on the "The Days of Wine and Roses" episode of Playhouse 90
John Frankenheimer on producers Martin Manulis and Fred Coe
John Frankenheimer on Playhouse 90's "The Old Man" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
John Frankenheimer on directing Playhouse 90's final episode "Journey to the Day"

Lee Grant

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Lee Grant on working with Fred Coe on various series like Playwrights '56 and The Defenders

Everett Greenbaum

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Everett Greenbaum on Fred Coe writing for Mr. Peepers

Kim Hunter

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Kim Hunter on working with Fred Coe and John Frankenheimer 

William Klages

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William Klages on working with Fred Coe on Playwrights '56

Jack Klugman

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Jack Klugman on producer Fred Coe

Angela Lansbury

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Angela Lansbury on television producer Fred Coe

Jack Lemmon

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Jack Lemmon on Fred Coe

Delbert Mann

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Delbert Mann on learning directing techniques from Fred Coe
Delbert Mann on Fred Coe helping to set up a directing job for him
Delbert Mann on Fred Coe recommending him for a job at NBC
Delbert Mann on his first NBC directing job, on Theater of the Mind
Delbert Mann on Fred Coe bringing him on as an alternating and then full-time director on Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
Delbert Mann on sponsor and network involvement on Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse; on Fred Coe talking to the network and sponsors
Delbert Mann on Fred Coe as a boss
Delbert Mann on Fred Coe's stamp as producer on his shows
Delbert Mann on weekly preparations for Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
Delbert Mann on a typical production week on Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse, contd.
Delbert Mann on Paddy Chayefsky's inspiration for writing "Marty" and how the production was cast
Delbert Mann on JP Miller's "Yellow Jack" on Producers' Showcase
Delbert Mann on Judy Holliday being blacklisted, then approved for Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
Delbert Mann on the Hollywood Blacklist and the end of Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
Delbert Mann on Fred Coe becoming one of the producers to replace Martin Manulis on Playhouse 90
Delbert Mann on differences between directing for live television and for film - TV as mainly a producer's medium and film as a director's medium
Delbert Mann on Grace Kelly coming to Nashville when Fred Coe died and saving a valuable kinescope
Delbert Mann on a picture of Fred Coe, Mann, and Sumner Locke Elliot

Martin Manulis

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Martin Manulis on working with Fred Coe

E. G. Marshall

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G.E. Marshall on Fred Coe, Worthington Minor, Sidney Lumet, John Frankenheimer and Arthur Penn

JP Miller

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JP Miller on writing for live television on Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse; working with producer Fred Coe
JP Miller on great Golden Age television producers Fred Coe and Herbert Brodkin

Priscilla Morgan

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Priscilla Morgan on negotiating deals for William Morris and dealing with Fred Coe
Priscilla Morgan on starting her own talent agency

Tad Mosel

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Tad Mosel on writing "The Haven" for Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse  produced by Fred Coe and on Coe's contribution to television 
Tad Mosel on his first meeting with Fred Coe and on his fondness for Coe
Tad Mosel on the differences between producers Martin Manulis and Fred Coe

E. Roger Muir

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E. Roger Muir on Fred Coe and Bob Stanton

Agnes Nixon

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Agnes Nixon on working with Fred Coe

Arthur Penn

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Arthur Penn on the writing process on Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse and Fred Coe's involvement on the show
Arthur Penn on the Kennedy-Nixon Debates. When asked by a Kennedy friend his advice on shooting the televised debate, he and Fred Coe made the suggestion "close-ups"
Arthur Penn on meeting Fred Coe during World War II
Arthur Penn on Fred Coe's approach to producing, and on Coe's strengths and weaknesses
Arthur Penn on his various projects with Fred Coe, and on getting involved in directing feature films
Arthur Penn on the legacies of Fred Coe and Martin Manulis
On various people with whom he worked in his career: Fred Coe

Don Pike

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Don Pike on working on Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse with Delbert Mann and Fred Coe 

Tony Randall

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Tony Randall on being cast on Mr. Peepers and working with Fred Coe and Wally Cox
Tony Randall on producer Fred Coe

John Rich

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John Rich on working with producer/director Fred Coe on The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse

Jan Scott

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Jan Scott on working with Fred Coe

Ralph Senensky

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Ralph Senensky on Playhouse 90 producer Fred Coe

David Shaw

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David Shaw on working for producer Fred Coe and with writer Paddy Chayefsky on Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
David Shaw on Fred Coe

James Sheldon

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James Sheldon on directing a teleplay for Philco-Goodyear Playhouse:"A Softness in the Wind," produced by Fred Coe, and the challenges of being a director in the early years of television
James Sheldon on being hired to direct the pilot of Mister Peepers  by producer Fred Coe

Garry Simpson

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Garry Simpson on Fred Coe

Ira Skutch

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Ira Skutch on working with producer and director Fred Coe and on Coe's camera style
Ira Skutch on Fred Coe's temperament and personality

Dick Smith

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Dick Smith on his lab in Fred Coe's desk
Dick Smith on working with Fred Coe
Dick Smith on working with Fred Coe
Dick Smith on making wire masks for a production directed by Fred Coe

Maxine Stuart

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Maxine Stuart on working with Fred Coe

Ellen M. Violett

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Ellen M. Violett on working with producer Fred Coe

Ethel Winant

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Ethel Winant on Fred Coe and John Frankenheimer

Bud Yorkin

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Bud Yorkin on working with Fred Coe
Bud Yorkin on working with Fred Coe

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