John Rich

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Paul Bogart

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Director Paul Bogart on some of the behind-the-scenes difficulties on the set of All in the Family

Norman Lear with Emerson College

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Norman Lear on a party the night The Colgate Comedy Hour concluded in New York

Hal Cooper

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Hal Cooper on directing two episodes of All in the Family;  on differing with director/producer John Rich

Dick Van Dyke

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Dick Van Dyke on one of the best comedy directors-- John Rich

William Froug

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William Froug on meeting Sherwood Schwartz and director John Rich on the set of Gilligan's Island
William Froug on why he was brought in to produce Gilligan's Island

Florence Henderson

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Florence Henderson on working with The Brady Bunch director John Rich

Paul Henning

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Paul Henning on working with director John Rich on The Dennis Day Show

Barry Kemp

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Barry Kemp on John Rich directing Newhart

Perry Lafferty

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Perry Lafferty on John Rich

Rose Marie

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Rose Marie on the production of The Dick Van Dyke Show

Rita Moreno

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Rita Moreno on appearing on The Ezio Pinza Show assistant directed by John Rich, and on working with Ray Bolger

Carroll O'Connor

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Carroll O'Connor on working with All in the Family director John Rich

Hector Ramirez

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Hector Ramirez on working with John Rich and Norman Lear on All in the Family
Hector Ramirez on working with director John Rich on All in the Family

Carl Reiner

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Carl Reiner on television director John Rich

Jay Sandrich

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Jay Sandrich on working with and learning from director John Rich on The Danny Thomas Show (Make Room for Daddy)

Isabel Sanford

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Isabel Sanford on being called in to play "Louise Jefferson" on All in the Family by director John Rich

Sherwood Schwartz

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Sherwood Schwartz on the directors of Gilligan's Island

Jack Shea

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Jack Shea on his co-workers in early television

Jean Stapleton

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Jean Stapleton on All in the Family director John Rich

Gale Storm

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Gale Storm on working with directors John Rich and William Seiter on The Gale Storm Show (aka Oh Susanna)
Gale Storm on her memories of working with director John Rich

Jimmie Walker

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Jimmie Walker on "J.J. Evans'" denim hat on Good Times, and on show director John Rich

Dawn Wells

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Dawn Wells on TV director John Rich

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