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Robert G. Anderson

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Robert G. Anderson on the advice Dan Rather gave him about producing 60 Minutes (versus the Evening News): choose your main character carefully

Tom Bettag

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Tom Bettag on when Dan Rather walked way from the CBS anchor desk in protest of a sports event breaking into the news broadcast forcing the network and affiliates to broadcast six minutes of dead air
Tom Bettag on what he learned from Dan Rather about the "journalists' tripod"
Tom Bettag on his involvement in Dan Rather taking over the anchor seat from Walter Cronkite at CBS Evening News

Wade Bingham

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Wade Bingham on the correspondents of 60 Minutes: Dan Rather

Connie Chung

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Connie Chung on her colleagues at CBS News
Connie Chung on being asked to co-anchor CBS Evening News with Dan Rather
Connie Chung on working with Dan Rather
Connie Chung on interviews when she was co-anchoring CBS Evening News with Dan Rather

Walter Cronkite

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Walter Cronkite on his decision to step down as anchor of the CBS Evening News; and on Dan Rather replacing him

Diane English

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Diane English on the believable character of "Murphy Brown" and doing research with Dan Rather and Diane Sawyer

Jeff Fager

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Jeff Fager on Dan Rather's reaction to changes Fager made as executive producer of CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and Rather's strengths as a journalist
Jeff Fager on the 60 Minutes II "Memogate" scandal, which centered on President George W. Bush's military service and was reported by Dan Rather
Jeff Fager on hiring Dan Rather as a correspondent on 60 Minutes following his dismissal as anchor of CBS Evening News

Don Hewitt

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Don Hewitt on the correspondents of 60 Minutes: Dan Rather

Larry King

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Larry King on Dan Rather

Leslie Moonves

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Leslie Moonves on the CBS News "Memogate" controversy about George W. Bush's military service

Roger Mudd

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Roger Mudd on learning Dan Rather, not he, would succeed Walter Cronkite as anchor of CBS News
Roger Mudd on his relationship with Dan Rather
Roger Mudd on Dan Rather and Connie Chung as co-anchors
Roger Mudd on his opinion of Dan Rather

Sheila Nevins

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Sheila Nevins on meeting Mike Wallace and Dan Rather at CBS

Bob Schieffer

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Bob Schieffer being the interim CBS Evening News anchro between Dan Rather and Katie Couric

Reese Schonfeld

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Reese Schonfeld on his and Ted Turner's attempt to hire Dan Rather to be the main anchor at the inception of CNN

Bob Simon

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Bob Simon on how it worked when the CBS Anchor Dan Rather would "big-foot" a story Simon was covering 

Sanford Socolow

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Sanford Socolow on his professional relationship with Walter Cronkite and some of the disagreements they had (involving Dan Rather's location during Kennedy's assassination)
Sanford Socolow on Dan Rather's fight at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago
Sanford Socolow on Dan Rather becoming Walter Cronkite's successor at the anchor desk at CBS
Sanford Socolow on Dan Rather's response to Nixon's resignation
Sanford Socolow on the transition of Dan Rather to the evening news anchor's chair of CBS Evening News with Dan Rather

Robert Trout

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Robert Trout on working with Dan Rather

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