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John Amos

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John Amos on Roots author Alex Haley 

William Blinn

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William Blinn on the genesis of Roots and on working with Alex Haley
William Blinn on witnessing Alex Haley tell the story of his family to audiences, and on the challenges of writing the screenplay for Roots and on Alex Haley's input

LeVar Burton

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LeVar Burton on meeting Ben Vereen as a youngster and getting to work with him later in Roots
LeVar Burton on early screen tests and production meetings on Roots
LeVar Burton on Alex Haley helping him with his character on Roots
LeVar Burton on the unique perspective shown in Roots - history as told by the African point of view
LeVar Burton on working with and being mentored by Alex Haley

Reuben Cannon

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Reuben Cannon on working with Alex Haley and the producers of Roots: The Next Generations
Reuben Cannon on casting Palmerstown U.S.A.

Ossie Davis

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Ossie Davis on the impact Roots had on American culture, and on his and Ruby Dee's first meeting with Alex Haley

Ruby Dee

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Ruby Dee on her and husband Ossie Davis' involvement in the development of Roots

Michael J. Fox

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Michael J. Fox on working on Palmerstown U.S.A. with Norman Lear and Alex Haley
Michael J. Fox on meeting Alex Haley

Louis Gossett, Jr.

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Louis Gossett, Jr. on filming the "my name is Toby" scene in Roots, and on using the line "there's gonna be another day" (which he improvised) with Alex Haley's permission

Joseph Jennings

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Joseph Jennings on doing art direction for Alex Haley's Roots

Aaron Spelling

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Aaron Spelling on developing Hotel

Brandon Stoddard

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Brandon Stoddard on developing Roots

Leslie Uggams

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Leslie Uggams on meeting Alex Haley on the set of Roots
Leslie Uggams on Alex Haley's involvement in the filming of Roots

Joseph M. Wilcots

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Joseph M. Wilcots on the diversity of the Roots crew and on his interaction with Alex Haley
Joseph M. Wilcots on the legacy of Roots

David L. Wolper

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David L. Wolper on producing Alex Haley's Queen

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