Elvis Presley

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Lee Adams

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Lee Adams and Charles Strouse on "Bye Bye Birdie" as a commentary on the then-state of Rock 'N Roll

Steve Allen

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Steve Allen on booking Elvis Presley for his first major television appearance
Steve Allen on Ed Sullivan panicking when Steve Allen booked Elvis

Larry Auerbach

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Larry Auerbach on William Morris signing Elvis Presley

George Barris

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Custom car designer George Barris on designing for Elvis Presley

Milton Berle

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Milton Berle on his thoughts on people with whom he's worked - Elvis Presley

Steve Binder

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Steve Binder on producing and directiing Elvis: The '68 Comeback Special

Sam Bobrick

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Sam Bobrick on writing a song for Elvis Presley

Pat Boone

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Pat Boone on the time that Elvis Presley opened for him

Bernie Brillstein

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Bernie Brillstein on Elvis Presley on Stage Show
Bernie Brillstein on a photo of Elvis Presley on Stage Show

Harvey Bullock

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Harvey Bullock on working with Elvis Presley on the feature "Girl Happy"

Hal Kanter with Emerson College

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Hal Kanter on working with Elvis Presley

Bill Dana

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Bill Dana on Elvis Presley's appearance on The Steve Allen Show singing "Hound Dog" prior to his Ed Sullivan Show appearance

George Faber

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George Faber on covering Elvis Presley's induction into military service

Bob Finkel

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Bob Finkel on working with Elvis Presley on a television special
Bob Finkel on Elvis Presley and Col. Tom Parker
Bob Finkel on pranking Tom Parker
Bob Finkel on pictures of him with Elvis Presley

Arthur Gardner

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Arthur Gardner on his interactions with Elvis Presley on the movie Clambake

Danette Herman

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Danette Herman on working with Marty Pasetta on various variety and awards shows

Seaman Jacobs

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Seaman Jacobs on writing for feature films starring Elvis Presley, and on writing other features

Angela Lansbury

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Angela Lansbury on appearing with Elvis Presley in the feature film "Blue Hawaii"

Barry Livingston

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Barry Livingston on meeting Elvis Presley on the lot while filming "My Six Loves"

Anita Mann

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Anita Mann on working with Elvis Presley
Anita Mann on appearing on Elvis: The '68 Comeback Special

Wink Martindale

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Wink Martindale on meeting Elvis Presley, and his friendship with Elvis
Wink Martindale on being a contestant on Tattletales, and on his later friendship with Elvis Presley

Harry Morgan

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Harry Morgan on working with Elvis Presley

Bernie Oseransky

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Bernie Oseransky on meeting Elvis Presley; on introducing him to the star of Hawaii Five-O (Jack Lord) years later

Marty Pasetta

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Marty Pasetta on directing Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii

Hector Ramirez

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Hector Ramirez on working on Elvis Presley's concerts for television

Hank Rieger

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Hank Rieger on publicity for Elvis Presley and working with Colonel Tom Parker

Thomas W. Sarnoff

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Thomas W. Sarnoff on negotiating (for NBC) with Elvis Presley's manager "Colonel" Tom Parker 

William Schallert

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William Schallert on working with Elvis Presley on "Speedway"

George Shapiro

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George Shapiro on Andy Kaufman's idol Elvis Presley

Sam Simon

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Sam Simon on early celebrity encounters growing up in Los Angeles

Herbert F. Solow

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Herbert F. Solow on working with Elvis Presley on the documentary Elvis: That's the Way It Is

Charles Strouse

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Lee Adams and Charles Strouse on "Bye Bye Birdie" as a commentary on the then-state of Rock 'N Roll

June Taylor

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June Taylor on choreographing Stage Show, and on Elvis Presley making his television debut on Stage Show

W.G. Snuffy Walden

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W.G. Snuffy Walden on loving the music of Elvis Presley

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