Jack Webb

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Alan Alda

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Alan Alda on a story Harry Morgan told him about how serious Jack Webb was on the set of Dragnet

Howard Anderson, Jr.

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Howard Anderson Jr. on creating the opening titles for Dragnet

Stephen J. Cannell

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Stephen J. Cannell on working for Jack Webb on Adam-12, and on meeting Roy Huggins
Stephen J. Cannell on creating the unsold pilot Chase for producer Jack Webb at the behest of Sid Sheinberg

William Clotworthy

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William Clotworthy on General Electric True with Jack Webb

Warren Cowan

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Publicist Warren Cowan on working with Jack Webb (through MCA television)

Bob Finkel

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Bob Finkel on directing the first televised telethon with Jack Webb

James Hong

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James Hong on playing a rare non-Asian-American-cliche part on Dragnet, per Jack Webb's instructions

Hal Kanter

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Hal Kanter on Jack Webb

John J. Lloyd

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John J. Lloyd on Jack Webb as the producer on Emergency!   

A.C. Lyles

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A.C. Lyles on his friendship with Jack Webb and John Barrymore

Randolph Mantooth

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Randolph Mantooth on working with Jack Webb on Emergency!
Randolph Mantooth on appearing on The Bold Ones and being cast on Emergency!

Barney McNulty

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Barry McNulty on doing cue cards for Jack Webb on Dragnet and other shows

Harry Morgan

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Harry Morgan on working with Jack Webb on Dragnet
Harry Morgan on his Dragnet co-star Jack Webb and the legacy of Dragnet

Fess Parker

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Fess Parker on his early television appearance on an episode of Dragnet with Jack Webb

Herbert S. Schlosser

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Herbert S. Schlosser on programming NBC in the early '70s, and on having Jack Webb produce Emergency!

Aaron Spelling

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Aaron Spelling on meeting Jack Webb and acting on Dragnet

Dennis Weaver

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Dennis Weaver on being a semi-regular on Dragnet with Jack Webb

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