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Army Archerd

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Army Archerd on his criticism of the anti-semitic lyrics in Michael Jackson's "History" album

Rick Baker

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Rick Baker on doing the makeup for Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video

Steve Binder

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Steve Binder on Michael Jackson (briefly)

Frank Biondo

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Frank Biondo on Michael Jackson on a Sesame Street Christmas special

Linda Bell Blue

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Linda Bell Blue on producing Hard Copy and covering Michael Jackson
Linda Bell Blue on the public's fascination with Michael Jackson and covering the Royal Family
Linda Bell Blue on star quality and covering entertainment worldwide 

Nancy Cartwright

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Nancy Cartwright on working with Michael Jackson for "Lisa, it's your birthday..." on "The Bartman" episode of The Simpsons

Dan Castellaneta

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Dan Castellaneta on The Simpsons episode "Stark Raving Dad" which featured Michael Jackson

"Weird Al" Yankovic with Emerson College

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"Weird Al" Yankovic on doing parodies of Michael Jackson songs

Judy Crown

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Judy Crown on doing hair for the short film "Captain EO" starring Michael Jackson and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and the music video for "Smooth Criminal"

Bill Davis

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Bill Davis on working with the Jackson family

Dixon Dern

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Dixon Dern on representing the Jackson Five as legal counsel, and Joe Jackson's vision for Michael Jackson

Tom Freston

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Tom Freston on criticism that MTV had no black artist in the early days - and Michael Jackson turning the tide
Tom Freston on Michael Jackson's impact on music videos; on "Thriller"

Quincy Jones

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Quincy Jones on MTV and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video

Arnie Kogen

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Arnie Kogen on writing for The Jacksons, featuring the Jackson family and Michael Jackson

Buz Kohan

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Buz Kohan on convincing Michael Jackson to perform the song "You Were There" at Sammy Davis, Jr.'s 60th Anniversary Celebration
Buz Kohan on meeting Michael Jackson and working with The Jackson 5; on writing songs with Michael Jackson and with and for other artists

Kurt Loder

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Kurt Loder on Michael Jackson and MTV

Anita Mann

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Anita Mann on choreographing The Jacksons and on working with the Jackson family, including Michael Jackson

Beth McCarthy-Miller

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Beth McCarthy-Miller on Michael Jackson appearing on The MTV Music Awards

Don Mischer

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Don Mischer on the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever Special that made his production company well known - where Michael Jackson first does the moonwalk
Don Mischer on the Super Bowl halftime show featuring Michael Jackson, and how he was asked to produce it

Martha Quinn

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Martha Quinn on how Michael Jackson changed MTV with "Thriller" and other music videos

Geraldo Rivera

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Geraldo Rivera on interviewing Michael Jackson on Geraldo At Large

John Singleton

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John Singleton on directing Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" music video

Yeardley Smith

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Yeardley Smith on Michael Jackson guest starring on The Simpsons

Joseph M. Wilcots

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Joseph M. Wilcots on working with Michael Jackson

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