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Berle Adams

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Berle Adams on his first impressions of MCA President, Lew Wasserman, and accepting a job offer from Wasserman
Berle Adams on his impression of President of MCA, Lew Wasserman
Berle Adams on the role President of MCA, Lew Wasserman, played in the company
Berle Adams on the impact of Lew Wasserman convincing Alfred Hitchcock to appear on television in Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Berle Adams on creating an international television division for MCA - after Lew Wasserman almost didn't let him do it
Berle Adams on rumors that MCA President Lew Wasserman had connections with the mob

Army Archerd

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Army Archerd on Lew Wasserman

Eric Braeden

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Eric Braeden on Lew Wasserman wanting him to change his name
Eric Braeden on Lew Wasserman's take on guest stars

Bernie Brillstein

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Bernie Brillstein on the break up of MCA and Lew Wasserman becoming a producer

Pierre Cossette

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Pierre Cossette on becoming an agent at MCA
Pierre Cossette on booking acts for Las Vegas

Irving Fein

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Irving Fein on MCA Executive Lew Wasserman

Bob Finkel

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Bob Finkel on leaving ABC to be part of Revue (MCA)
Bob Finkel on Lew Wasserman and MCA's agents

Leonard Goldberg

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Leonard Goldberg on Barry Diller's eulogy at Lew Wasserman's memorial

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on negotiating movies of the week with Lew Wasserman
Leonard H. Goldenson on thoughts on colleagues - Lew Wasserman

Roy Huggins

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Roy Huggins on various people with whom he worked in his career: Lew Wasserman

Don Knotts

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Don Knotts on his impressions of MCA executive/agent Lew Wasserman

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis on Lew Wasserman

Richard Lewis

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Richard Lewis on working with Jules Stein and Lew Wasserman at MCA
Richard Lewis on Oscar Millard, Lew Wasserman, and Alan Miller

William Link

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William Link on moving to Universal Studios and on the executives there including Lew Wasserman and Jennings Lang

John J. Lloyd

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John J. Lloyd>  on working with Lew Wasserman>

Norman Lloyd

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Norman Lloyd on starting his television career as a director for Lew Wasserman's Revue Productions

Abraham Polonsky

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Abraham Polonsky on directing feature films like "Madigan" and "Tell Them Willie Boy is Here", and on working with Lew Wasserman

Sid Sheinberg

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Sid Sheinberg on working for Jennings Lang at Universal and Lang's relationship with Lew Wasserman 
Sid Sheinberg on his loyalty to Lew Wasserman and others

Grant Tinker

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Grant Tinker on Lew Wasserman giving up MCA and keeping Universal Studios
Grant Tinker on Jules Stein and Lew Wasserman

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