Ronald Reagan

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Berle Adams

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Berle Adams on Ronald Reagan, President of the Screen Actors Guild, granting a waiver allowing MCA to function as both an agency and a production company, creating the first residual payments for actors and writers

William Clotworthy

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William Clotworthy on representing advertisers on General Electric Theater, hosted by Ronald Reagan
William Clotworthy on his friendship with Ronald Reagan

Fred de Cordova

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Fred de Cordova on directing Ronald Reagan in the feature "Bedtime for Bonzo" and directing various other Universal features

Warren Cowan

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Publicist Warren Cowan on publicizing Ronald Reagan (who at that time did not fly) and the series General Electric Theater

Richard Crenna

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Richard Crenna on playing Ronald Reagan

Walter Cronkite

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Walter Cronkite on a funny story when he was reporting football games and the wire went down, so he had to "make up" the rest of the game; later Ronald Reagan may have appropriated the story 

Richard Dawson

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Richard Dawson on Ronald Reagan as President

Sam Donaldson

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Sam Donaldson on Ronald Reagan
Sam Donaldson on covering the assassination attempt on President Reagan as ABC White House correspondent

Jerry Falwell

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Jerry Falwell on the formation and goals of his right wing political organization the Moral Majority, and on his involvement with Ronald Reagan

Michael J. Fox

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Michael J. Fox on Ronald Reagan wanting to be on Family Ties

Albert Freedman

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Albert Freedman on Ronald Reagan's involvement with the Hollywood Blacklist

Arthur Gardner

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Arthur Gardner on his recollections of fellow actors, William Holden, Clark Gable and Ronald Regan

Greg Garrison

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Greg Garrison on the advent of The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts and the first roast, featuring Ronald Reagan

Frank Gifford

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Frank Gifford on Presidents such as Ronald Regan and other note worthy guests that had cameos on Monday Night Football

Gary David Goldberg

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Gary David Goldberg on Family Ties being the favorite show of Ronald Reagan and how the show reflected the Reagan era

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on a photo with Ronald Reagan

Jack Klugman

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Jack Klugman on how his love of muckrakers lead to his role on Quincy, M.E.

Ted Koppel

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Ted Koppel on the end of the Iran Hostage Crisis during Reagan's presidency

Piper Laurie

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Piper Laurie on working with Ronald Reagan

Richard Lewis

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Richard Lewis on producing The General Electric Theater, hosted by Ronald Reagan

Frank Liberman

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Frank Liberman on working with Ronald Reagan

James Lipton

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James Lipton on producing the Bob Hope special Happy Birthday, Bob with then-president Ronald Reagan as a guest

Bob Markell

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Bob Markell on working with Tennessee Williams, Leonard Bernstein, Ronald Regan, Kukla, Fran and Ollie and others on The Bicentennial Minutes

Tony Mottola

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Tony Mottola on a photo at the Reagan White House with Perry Como and Frank Sinatra

Roger Mudd

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Roger Mudd on Walter Cronkite killing one of his stories on Ronald Reagan

Fess Parker

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Fess Parker on losing out on a part to Ronald Reagan

Marty Pasetta

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Marty Pasetta on directing Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan's Inaugural specials
Marty Pasetta on how the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt affected the Academy Awards
Marty Pasetta on directing the special Let Poland Be Poland

Jorge Ramos

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Jorge Ramos on his first professional job on Televisa radio and covering the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan

John Rich

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John Rich on the live broadcast of the opening of Disneyland ("Dateline: Disneyland")(airdate: July 17, 1955); on Reagan as an actor

Stanley Rubin

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Stanley Rubin on Ronald Reagan as host of General Electric Theater
Stanley Rubin on a photo with cast and crew from General Electric Theater
Stanley Rubin on a photo with cast and crew from General Electric Theater

Bob Schieffer

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Bob Schieffer on covering Ronald Reagan as chief Washington correspondent for CBS News

Reese Schonfeld

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Reese Schonfeld on CNN allowing independent presidential candidate John Anderson to partake in a debate with Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan that he was excluded from, via tape delay
Reese Schonfeld on CNN's relationship with the Reagan administration

Howard K. Smith

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Howard K. Smith on moderating presidential debates
Howard K. Smith on his thoughts on Ronald Reagan

John Strauss

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John Strauss on an interview newspaper columnist Hal Humphrey conducted with Ronald Reagan

Ted Turner

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Ted Turner on suing the White House for access
Ted Turner on how the White House kept CNN out of the pool in the early '80s

Tony Verna

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Tony Verna on directing an interview with then President-elect Ronald Reagan

John Walsh

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John Walsh on getting legislation passed to help find missing children 

Alan Young

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Alan Young on Ronald Reagan

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