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In his two-hour Archive interview, science show host Don Herbert (1917-2007) describes his early years as an actor on stage and radio before turning to television where he created the classic children's science series Watch Mr. Wizard. He details his hosting of the show, as well as working with his young assistants. He talks about his simultaneous work as G. E. Theater's "progress reporter," hosting a different three-minute commercial segment for each episode through the majority of the run. He recalls the later incarnations of the "Mr. Wizard" franchise. He also mentions his appearances on morning and late-night television talk shows. Karen Herman conducted the interview in Bell Canyon, CA on January 24, 2005. NOTE: DURING THIS INTERVIEW, MR. HERBERT WAS EXTREMELY HARD-OF-HEARING.

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"Lots of people make the assumption that if it's entertaining, it couldn't be educational. If it's educational, it couldn't be entertaining. That's not true. It can be both, as I've proved over and over and over and over again."

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Don Herbert on how he approached topics on Watch Mr. Wizard
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Chapter 1

On his early years 
On starting Watch Mr. Wizard

Chapter 2

On his series Watch Mr. Wizard

Chapter 3

On Watch Mr. Wizard; on General Electric Theater; on guest appearances on other shows

Chapter 4

On Mr. Wizard Close-Ups; on his legacy; on some photos illustrating his career

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Don Herbert on how he approached topics on Watch Mr. Wizard

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