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In his two-and-a-half hour Archive interview (fifteen minutes solo, two hours plus with writing partner Marta Kauffman), David Crane discusses how he got his start in the business. In his joint interview with Marta Kauffman, he talks of how they began writing together, their partnership with Kevin Bright, and the creation of the popular series Friends, Dream On, and other series and pilots they worked on together. They spoke in great detail about Friends; its development, cast, and writing process. Beth Cochran conducted the interview on October 7, 2010 in Burbank, CA.

"We ended ['Friends'] right. It felt right. We put a wonderful bow on the end of it."

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Solo Interview with David Crane; on his childhood and education
On his show Episodes  with Matt LeBlanc


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David Crane on the premise of his show Episodes with Matt LeBlanc

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