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Monday Night Football (MNF) is a live broadcast of the National Football League on ESPN. From 1970 to 2005 it aired on ABC. Monday Night Football was, along with Hallmark Hall of Fame, and the Walt Disney anthology television series (that aired under various titles, including The Wonderful World of Disney), one of the longest running prime time commercial network television series ever, and one of the highest-rated, particularly among male viewer

As of October 8, 2012, the Monday Night Football franchise had aired a total of 666 games.

On September 8, 2011 the first day of the 2011 regular season, ESPN extended its contract for Monday Night Football for another eight seasons, giving it rights to the broadcasts until 2021.

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George Bodenheimer

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George Bodenheimer on Monday Night Football and its legacy for ESPN since moving there from ABC

Frank Gifford

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Frank Gifford on his transition to broadcasting for ABC's Monday Night Football
Frank Gifford on his role on Monday Night Football and his rapport with his co-stars
Frank Gifford on how human interest sports reporting affected broadcasting for Monday Night Football
Frank Gifford on surprising things that happened during Monday Night Football broadcasts
Frank Gifford on working in the broadcasting booth for Monday Night Football
Frank Gifford on the changes made to the Monday Night Football broadcast team; on memorable moments and his departure from the show

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on the success of Monday Night Football

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on working on Monday Night Football and creating a special sales unit focused on selling sports programming
Herb Granath on the "all marketing program" he started with Monday Night Football and the success of the program

Al Michaels

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Al Michaels on the legacy of Monday Night Football
Al Michales on becoming the play-by-play sportscaster on Monday Night Football on ESPN with Frank Gifford. He calls it "the greatest thing that ever happened to me"
Al Michaels on how the transition worked for Frank Gifford when he took over as the play-by-play commentator, and Gifford has a new role
Al Michaels on the production schedule on Monday Night Football; the research involved; how they are able to balance spontaneity and planned topics
Al Michaels on how the production team makes Monday Night Football look so easy
Al Michaels on why he chooses to stand not sit on Monday Night Football
Al Michaels on Monday Night Football being a "mini" superbowl every week
Al Michaels on reporting the earthquake during the 1989 World Series Game 3 in San Francisco

Thomas W. Moore

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Thomas Moore on the genesis of ABC Monday Night Football

Don Ohlmeyer

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Don Ohlmeyer on producing Monday Night Football with Chet Forte, who he had beaten in a pool game years earlier
Don Ohlmeyer on Roone Arledge's influence on Wide World of Sports  and on pushing the industry forward on Monday Night Football
Don Ohlmeyer on pushing the industry forward on Monday Night Football
Don Ohlmeyer on Monday Night Football (contd.)
Don Ohlmeyer on going back to Monday Night Football

Frederick S. Pierce

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Frederick S. Pierce on the advent of Monday Night Football

Tony Verna

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Tony Verna on directing Monday Night Football

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